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Sorting Soiled Chinaware on Dishwashing Area, Sorting Silverware in Dishwashing area, SOP Sorting used plates and silverware

How to Sort Soiled Chinaware and Silverware at Dishwashing Area?

SOP Number: F&B SOP - 50 - Sort Soiled Chinaware and Silverware

Department: Food and Beverage Service – Restaurant

Date Issued: 10-07-2018

Time to Train: 30 Min

1. At the dishwashing area for Chinaware: 

  • Place soiled chinaware or plates on the counter provided.

  • Make sure to fully balanced on counter or rails.

2. Empty The Content to Bin:

  • Using a Knife or a fork.

  • Solids contents (non-food) in designated garbage bins.

  • Liquids contents in designated slop buckets.

  • Empty food items in designated food recycling bin.

3. Sort Chinaware and place on the rack:

  • Place bowls, cups etc. in racks, upside down. 

  • Stack the flatware, as per the decided decoy system.

  • Use the appropriate racks for the different types of chinaware.

  • Avoid to over stack chinaware.

  • Avoid to overload rack.

  • Do not mix chinaware with other utensils or cutlery.

  • Do not stack different size plates together.

  • Most importantly do not throw chinaware, place it gently & carefully.

1. Soiled Silverware - At the dishwashing area:

  • Place soiled plates with the soiled silverware.

  • On counter provided.

  • Fully balanced on counter leaving.

2. Pick up silverware:

  • Separate types of silverware (knives, forks, spoons) and put them upside down into the designated cutlery boxes, handle up.

  • Never mix teaspoons and espresso spoons with other silverware, they should go in a separate box.

  • Make sure to remove any food items from the cutlery first.

3. Remove and clean tray if applicable:

  • Place the tray under running water.

  • Wipe & dry the tray with a clean cloth.

Other general Points to note at the dishwashing area:

  • Do not wait or queue in the dishwashing area.

  • If it’s too busy, go back to your tables and clear your silverware later on.

  • Always separate types of silverware in the right way.

  • Always help your colleagues as and when needed in the dishwashing area.

  • Facilitate the work of stewarding by putting the silverware correctly into the designated boxes.

  • Look for empty cutlery boxes when you see the ones on the counter are getting full.

  • Rinse cutlery before putting it into the boxes when stewarding is not provided, in order to avoid bad smell.

  • Always handle silverware with care, as if it were yours.

  • Make sure you don’t throw silverware and chinaware into the waste bin.

  • Put the correct amount of silverware into the cutlery boxes to avoid waste of energy.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. How to sort chinaware and silverware at the dishwashing area?

Q3. What are the points to note when emptying the contents to the waste bin?

Q4. Can we mix chinaware and silverware on to the same rack?

Q5. What are the best practices to follow at the dishwashing area?

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