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How to fill in a Guest Order? | Order Taking in Hotel Restaurants | Tips for Order Taking in Hotels

How To Fill in Guest Order?

SOP Number: F&B SOP - 41 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Food and Beverage Service – Restaurant

Date Issued: 25-06-2018

Time to Train: 30 Min

Purpose of this SOP:

Correct order taking is crucial in the service process and for the satisfaction of the guest. It is therefore very important to ensure that the concerned F&B employees know how to fill in a guest order in a professional manner and by respecting the Hotels Standard Operating Procedures. Materials needed for taking an order is an order taking pad or scribbling pad and a pen (Now with the new age Point of Sale systems orders can be directly taken on handheld devices like Tablet, smartphone etc.).

The waiter or server should know the daily specials and should be able to explain them to the guests. Always explain to the guest about specials and chef's choice items, such as the soup of the day, before the guests ask.

1. Write down all the points on the order pad:

  • Date.

  • Time order was taken. 

  • Server’s name.

  • Table number.

  • The number of covers.

  • Seating positions.

  • Know the numbering system for the chairs at each table. For Example, chair number 1 at teach table is typically the chair closest to the door or some other landmark in the restaurant.

  • Always take the orders of children first, then women and then men. 

2. When you are writing, you must ensure that it's:

  • Neat and clear.

  • Write the order of for the in char no.1 on the first line of the order form.

  • Readable.

  • Accurate.

3. Setting up the order pad:

  • Split the order pad with a horizontal line through the middle.

  • Write the orders in the corresponding places on the order pad.

  • Beverages in the upper half of the order pad.

  • Food items in the lower half.

  • Do not forget seat numbers.

  • Be familiar with the hotel's list of abbreviations used. 

  • Always take the orders in a clockwise pattern.

  • Always stand up straight as you take orders.

  • Do not rest the order pad on the table.

  • Look at each guest when he or she is ordering.

  • Watch for any hesitation in making a decision and offer suggestions if required. 

4. Writing down Food orders:

  • Server courses in the following order, unless guests request a different order.

  • Appetizers / Cold starters.

  • Soups.

  • Hot starters.

  • Salads.

  • Main course (for red meat, don’t forget to mention the cooking point).

  • Starches (if there is a choice to be made between. e.g. French fries, rice, pasta etc.)

  • Cheese.

  • Dessert.

  • Cordials.

  • Coffee.

5. Writing down Beverage orders:

  • Apéritifs

  • White wine

  • Red wine

  • Sodas

  • Mineral water

  • Coffee orders are taken at the very end of the meal.

6. Check order:

  • All requests have been entered.

  • The number of items entered should correspond to the number of guests.

  • Check with the chef or your supervisor if the order is not being prepared in a reasonable amount of time.

7. Other Points to note while taking orders:

  • Don't make the guests wait without an explanation for any delay in service.

  • Take the help of another server in case you are busy at the time of food pickup.

  • Each guest in a part or table should be served at the same time.

  • Make sure you know the items on the menu and the beverage list.

  • Some guests may request that an item is prepared in a way not listed on the menu.

  • Write all special requests or preparation methods clearly and pass this information to the kitchen.

  • Any special requests which you are not familiar with please cross check with the chef before confirming to the guest.

  • Repeat each completed order to the guests, especially if there are special requests, preparation methods or service requested by the guests.

  • Use standard abbreviations which are logical and clear for all staff in order to save time in order taking.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What are the main steps filling in guest order?

Q2. What are the materials needed for filling the guest order?

Q3. What all details to be written down while taking the guest order?

Q4. How to check the guest order?

Q5. What all points to note while taking guest order?

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