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How to Serve Fresh Fruit Juice? | Serving Juice, Serving Lemon Juice, Serving Beverage in Hotels, SOP Beverage Service

How To Serve Fresh Fruit Juice?

SOP Number: F&B SOP - 40 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Food and Beverage Service – Restaurant

Date Issued: 23-06-2018

Time to Train: 30 Min

Purpose of this SOP:

An Increasing number of guests currently seek out healthier food and beverages, freshly pressed juice have filled an important role in the beverage menu. Serving fruit juice the right way is as important as any other step in guest serving and demonstrates professional quality.

1. Prepare for serving the fruit juice:

  • A beverage tray.

  • A clean tray cloth.

  • Clean and correct glassware.

  • A coaster.

  • A straw.

  • For serving fresh lemon juice: a saucer, a coffee spoon, still water in a jar and sugar.

2. Placing the glass on the tray:

  • The serving glass should be clean, dry, cold and well polished.

  • The fresh juice is prepared as per the hotel's standard and poured into the glass without staining it.

  • Straw is served in a sealed paper packet.

  • For serving lemon juice, place the coaster on the saucer, put glass on the coaster, put the spoon on the right side of the saucer, handle in 2 o’clock position, put water jar on the tray.

3. Serving fresh fruit juice:

  • Always serve ladies first!.

  • Always serve from the right-hand side.

  • With your right hand, pick up the coaster and place in the 2 o’clock position of the guest.

  • With your right hand take the glass by the base & place it on the coaster.

  • Put straw to the right of the glass.

  • While serving lemon juice, take the saucer with glass and place in the 2 o’clock position of the guest, make sure the spoon does not fall.

4. Leaving the table:

  • Please enjoy your fruit juice (mention the juice name), sir/madam.

  • Make sure you bring the right fresh juice to the right table.

  • Don’t mix fresh juice with convenience juice.

  • Don’t throw unused packed straws away those can be reused if not stained.

  • Once you have served and on your way back, pick up empty glasses from other tables and/or take new orders.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What are the main steps in serving fruit Juice?

Q2. How do you prepare for serving fresh fruit juice?

Q3. What all need to be kept ready for serving fresh lemon juice?

Q4. How to serve fruit juice/lemon juice for the guest?

Q5. Points to note after leaving the table?

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