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SOP – Order taking tips in Room Service / In Room Dining

SOP Number: F&B - 21 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Food and Beverage Service – Room Service


Time to Train: 45 Minutes

Greet Callers Warmly:

  • The telephone must be answered within the three (3) first rings.

  • Identify your department and introduce yourself by name.

  • Announce: “Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening In Room Dining, (according to the time of the day), this is (name of the order taker), may I assist you Mr./Mrs./Miss” followed by the name of the guest according to the data digitally displayed by the phone system (if available).

  • Use good telephone etiquette.

Ask the guest for their names and Room number:

  • Even if your digital telephone system displays the guest’s name and room number, confirm that you are talking to the registered guest.

  • Write down the order clearly in the order book and note the time of call and the room number.

Check the billing instructions of the guest:

  • Do a room enquiry on the POS ( Point of Sale) machine and check the billing instructions entered for this guest by the front office team.

  • If the guest is on Cash Only list, then politely explain that the guest will have to pay for order when it is delivered.

  • If the guest is not on cash list then take the order without discussing the method of payment.

Use Suggestive selling:

  • Always update your knowledge of the hotel’s activities & promotions, both current and upcoming

  • Study the menu thoroughly : you must learn and remember the contents by heart

  • Double-check with the kitchen what the daily specials are.

  • Check which accompaniments are available and appropriate.

  • If the guest seems hesitant or needs suggestions, try to find out what type of food she/he likes, e.g., beef, pork, poultry or seafood

  • If the guest announces only main dishes, try to suggest a starter and ask: “May I suggest our special avocado cocktail as your starter, Madam/Sir?” and/or “Would you care for any wine to go with your meal?” (the possible combinations for any eventual suggestion are to be provided by the Executive Sous Chef)

  • Suggest the most popular and profitable dishes, according to the /menu Engineering Report.

Take Orders:

  • Pay attention to orders, and know the menu thoroughly.

  • Ask questions to find out the guest’s choice or preferences for service, such as how he or she would  like an item cooked or prepared ( eg: medium rare, “on the rocks etc)

  • Ask the guest for his or her choice of salad dressings and for any special requests such as fat-free preparation. Etc.

  • Write down all information’s clearly. Highlight special requests.

  • Ask how many guests will be eating and note down the number on the guest check. As this will help the waiter to set the tray/ cart with the appropriate numbers of cutleries and crockeries.

Time control system:

  • A time control system takes place as soon as the telephone order has been taken.

  • Approximate delivery time is given to the guest according to this time evaluation system established by the Outlet Manager and the Executive Chef.

  • A timer is set for the given amount of time. If the order has not been sent up by this time, a call must be placed to the guest to apologies and re-evaluate the delivery time. Similar follow-ups must be systematically performed.

Reconfirm the order:

  • Politely read the order back to guests and repeat all details.

  • Tell guests the approximately how much time it will take to deliver the order.

  • Thanks the guest and only disconnect the line after the guest had hanged up the phone on the other side.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to greet the callers?     

Q2. Actions to be taken for cash list and not-cash list guests?                 

Q3. How to use suggestive selling in the room service?

Q4. When to enter the details into POS (point of sale) machine?

Q5. Why it is important to have a time control system?

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