SOP – Tray / Trolley / Cart removal in Room Service / IRD

SOP Number: F&B -18 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Food and Beverage Service – General


Time to Train: 60 Minutes

  • The guest informs the order taker of a clearance request.

  • Before you leave a service tray or room service cart, Know where the guestroom is located and also know the best way to get to the guestroom.

  • Use stairwells, service elevators, and halls to speed delivery time.

  • Avoid public elevators, lobbies, function areas and restaurant entrances.

  • Trays and carts in guestrooms and corridors are hazards; A guest could trip over these items.

  • The order taker notes down the room number on the pad and passes it to the Supervisor concerned who shall inform the staff member in charge, or any other IN ROOM DINING staff available.

  • The staff member shall proceed to the room immediately to perform the removal

  • At all times, the “DO Not Disturb” card must be strictly respected and recorded when displayed.

  • The room maid/boy informs the In room Dining Department upon the guest’s request for making up the room.

  • The staff member shall proceed to the room immediately to perform the removal.

Entering the guest room:

  • Knock firmly three times with your knuckles and announce “Room Service / In Room Dining”.

  • Do not use a key or any other hard object to knock the door.

  • If no one answers then knock and announce again. The guest may be in the shower or the bathroom.

  • If the guest still does not answer, check the room number is correct. If the room number is correct then call the room service / IRD supervisor and inform about the situation.

  • When the guest opens the door greet the guest by name. And let the guest know that you are there to pick up the tray/trolley/cart.

Retrieve a room service Tray:

  • Place service ware, glasses, used linens and trash on the tray.

  • Bend at the knees to pick up the tray. Pull the tray with one hand into the palm of the other hand.

  • Balance the tray on your palm or Fingertip’s at shoulder height.

  • Use your free hand to steady the tray as you stand.

Retrieve a Room service Cart / Trolley:

  • The IN ROOM DINING staff member shall clear the trolley from the guest’s room.

  • He shall adjust the stacked soiled plates, silverware and glassware in order to avoid any breakage, as trained.

  • Fold the trolley wing, lay down all the empty beverage bottles and cover all soiled dishes with the table cloth

  • Before leaving the room, he shall double-check with the equipment control slip that no item is missing.

  • If any equipment is missing, he shall inform the Supervisor concerned immediately who shall record the item reference in the equipment control sheet with the date, time and room number in order to further action to be taken appropriately as set by the Director of Food & Beverage

  • The Supervisor concerned checks the equipment control slip.

  • The equipment control slip shall be inserted under the tray/trolley cloth.

The guest leaves the tray outside the door:

  • Soiled dishes and equipment in corridors are unsightly and indicate a poorly run room service department.

  • Should the tray be cleared by the guest and left outside the room (guest floor corridor) and equipment is missing, the room boy and/or IN ROOM DINING waiter shall inform the Supervisor concerned immediately.

  • This missing item shall be record in the equipment control sheet with the date, time and room number in order for further action to be taken appropriately as set by the Director of Food & Beverage.

Master control sheet:

  • The Supervisor checks the master control sheet recording for monitoring all the serving times.

  • For breakfast service, if the guest does not call for clearing, the removal is to be performed systematically 45 minutes after the serving time.

  • For lunch and dinner services, the removal is to be performed systematically one hour after the serving time.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What action to be taken if there is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ card on the guest room?  

Q2. How to retrieve a room service tray?                  

Q3. Steps for retrieving room service / IRD Trolley?

Q4. What to be done if the guest leaves the trolley / tray outside the guest room?

Q5. What is a Master control sheet used for?


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