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SOP – Suggestive selling and upselling in BAR

SOP Number: F&B - 11 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Food and Beverage Service – BAR / Lounge


Time to Train: 90 Min

It’s a fact that People goes to bars and lounges to get away from their routines, and most guests don’t know what they want to order when they arrive.

Know your product:

  • Be enthusiastic- It’s easier to sell something which you are excited about.

  • Make beverage sound appealing – Eg: user words like “fruity”, “Icy” and thirst quenching” etc.

  • Find out if guests are in a hurry or only have time for a quick drink; whether they like sweet or tart beverages etc.

  • Offer a choice: “ Would you like Smirnoff’s or Absolute in your vodka and tonic?

  • Check with the Outlet Chef for any daily specials and their specific ingredients.

Specific suggestions:

Recommend to the guest(s) any special dishes that were defined during the preceding briefing, and describe the ingredients used :

“May I suggest (exact name of the dish as described/displayed by the Outlet Chef) for your lunch/dinner?”.

Suggest the unusual:

  • Suggest beverages and foods that naturally go together. Eg: Beer and Pizza, wine and cheese, margaritas and nachos.

  • If the guest is not convinced, make another suggestion (one item only).

  • Always ask for the sale. After you suggest and describe a beverage, ask if the guest would like to try it.

  • If the guest still does not respond, tell her/him: “I will be back shortly.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why it is required to be enthusiastic when upselling

Q2. How to do a specific suggestion?              

Q3. Examples for foods and beverages that naturally go together?

Q4. What is the next step when the guest is not satisfied?

Q5. Give few examples of beverages which you like to recommend to the guest?