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SOP – Greeting guest upon arrival

SOP Number: F&B - 09

Department: Food and Beverage Service – BAR / Lounge

Date Issued: 13- March -2013

Time to Train: 20 Min

Hostess / Maitre D’:

  • Welcome the guest(s).

  • When guests arrive, welcome them with the local greeting.

Appropriate greetings:

Address them with the appropriate greeting for the time of, as follows:

00.00 –  11.59 - “Good morning” 

12.00 –  17.59  - “Good afternoon”   

18.00 –  23.59  - “Good evening”           

  • Use the guest’s name, when to know.

  • Try to call the guest by her/his name: e.g., “Good morning Mr. David, how are you?”.

  • Check for any reservation.

  • Politely ask if they have a reservation. If yes, ask for the guest’s name and guide her/him to the reserved table.

  • If no, ask if the guest requires a non-smoking table/smoking table/window table.

  • Guide the guest to her/his table.

  • Do not walk too fast when showing the way to the guest. Say to the guest: “This way, Madam/Sir” with palms open.

  • Pull the chair out (ladies first).

  • Pull the chair out to ease access to the table and push the chair back when the guest is sitting.

  • The hostess leaves the table by saying to the guest; “Enjoy your meal, Madam/Sir/Ladies and Gentlemen”.

Waitress / Waiter:

  • Welcome the guest(s) with a smile.

  • When the guest has been seated by the hostess, approach the table and welcome her/him with a smile.

  • Greet guests as soon as they are seated.

  • Introduce yourself by name. Eg: Welcome to (Name of the property/restaurant). I’ am James, your Waiter / Cocktail server etc.

  • Tell guests about the specials.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the appropriate greeting for the time?    

Q2. How to walk when showing the way to the guest?         

Q3. How to ask the guest for any reservation?

Q4. How should the Hostess leave the table after leaving the guest?

Q5. How to introduce yourself to the guest?

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