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SOP – Beverage Pickup and Service in Restaurant /BAR

SOP Number: F&B - 06

Department: Food and Beverage Service – BAR

Date Issued: 06-March-2013

Time to Train: 45 Min

Make sure the beverage are made as ordered:

  • 1 or 2 minute after having punched your order in the POS terminal, or delivered the written Captain Order copies to the kitchen and cashier, go to the bar counter.

  • Mixing, pouring, garnishing and serving drinks the same way every time is the mark of a quality operation.

  • Give priority to ladies’ orders.

Check each beverage for the following:

  • Is it the correct beverage?

  • Is the glass used to serve the beverage correct?

  • Is the garnish correct?

  • Have special instructions been followed.

  • Has anything spilled over the side?

Place drinks on the beverage tray:

  • Carry the drinks to the table concerned (always with a tray).

  • Line the tray with the linen napkin to improve the look of the tray and to avoid spills and moisture.

  • Keep extra Napkins on the tray.

  • Pick up the beverage item(s) from the bar counter.

  • Before leaving the counter, double-check the items with the Captain Order (or the printed order).

Carry the tray to the table:

  • Carry with the left hand horizontally under the tray centre and if it is a large tray, use both hands.

  • Keep in mind the order in which you will serve the drinks so your tray will be balanced until the last drink is removed.

  • Balance the tray at shoulder level on your fingertips, not on your forearm. If the tray is carried on your forearm, there are chances that it may tip over.

  • Keep your back straight as you stand up.

  • If required steady the tray with your free hand.

Server Beverage to the guest:

  • Always Serve ladies first and host of the group last.

  • If the beverage napkins at your hotel are having a logo, then place the napkin in such a way that the logo faces the guest.

  • Avoid reaching across guests. Move around the table and serve every guest from him right side with your right hand when possible.

  • Handle stemmed glasses by the stem or base. Your hands will warm the drink if you touch the outside of the glass. Never put your fingers inside the glass.

  • Place the glass on the center of beverage napkin.

  • Follow the guest check or order pad to serve the correct drink to each guest. Do not ask who ordered which drink.

  • It is also a good practice to repeat the name of the drink and any special requests as you serve each drink to ensure that it is correct.

  • Be sure that all the beverage items for the table concerned have arrived.

  • Double-check all the drinks with the Captain Order (or the printed order) one by one.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What all to be checked on each beverage order?  

Q2. Why it is required to line the tray with linen napkin?               

Q3. Who should be severed first and who should be served last?

Q4. What is the proper way to balance the tray?

Q5. Why it is required to repeat the name of the drink while serving?

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