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SOP For Corporate Office Expenses

SOP Number: Finance and Accounting – 16

Department: Financial Control

Date Issued: 8-Aug-2021

Time to Train: 15 Minutes

Purpose of Corporate Office Expenses:

The purpose of this policy is to standardise the coding related to Corporate Office billings.  It is the responsibility of the Controller/General Manager to verify central office billings.

Corporate Office Expenses SOP Procedures:

Corporate Accounting will E-mail the property related expenses to the Controller's attention the first week of the month. The following guidelines should be used when coding central office expenses and pass through charges:

1. Travel and entertainment billings for corporate employees - Charge to T&E.

2. Photocopies - Charge to A&G photocopy expense.

3. Long distance (phone expense) - Charge to A&G telephone expense.

4. Non-corporate employees - Charge to appropriate department and the proper expense account within the department that benefited from the service.

5. Forms/Supplies - Charge to appropriate department and expense. These are normally pass through items.

6. Star reports - Charge to Sales & Marketing.

7. Other expenses should be coded to related line items. If information is unclear, call Corporate for direction.

Training Summary Questions:

Q1.  Who is responsible for verifying central office billings.?

Q2. What are the guidelines for coding central office expenses and pass through charges?

Q3. Where to charge star reports?

Q4. Where to contact if the information is unclear?