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SOP Engineering - Remote Control/Keyboard Battery Replacement and Cleaning

SOP Number:  Hotel Engineering SOP – 29

Department: Engineering and Maintenance

Date Issued: 01-Jan-2019

Time to Train: 15 Minutes

Remote Control & Keyboard Maintenance Standard Procedure: 

Remote Control Battery Replacement

1. With a Phillips screwdriver, remove the battery compartment cover plate on the back of the remote control. 

2. Replace the batteries. Battery Note: may require AA or AAA batteries. 

3. Replace cover plate.

Keyboard Battery Replacement

1. Remove the battery compartment cover plate on the back of the keyboard, using a 0.050inch Allen wrench.

2. Replace the batteries. See battery part numbers pasted underneath the keyboard.

3. Replace the cover plate. Remote controls, and keyboards, may be cleaned using common, nonabrasive cleaners or disinfectants, such as isopropyl alcohol, all-purpose Cleaner etc.

Keyboard & Remote Cleaning Procedures

1. Turn the television off.

2. Apply one spray of cleaning agent directly onto each the front and back surfaces of the remote control or keyboard, and wait ten (10) seconds.

3. Do NOT oversaturate or immerse the equipment in any liquid at any time.

4. Using a non-lint forming, clean cloth, wipe down the entire piece of equipment, including over and between any buttons or keys.

5. Do NOT allow the cleaner to remain on the remote or keyboard for more than five (5) minutes.

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