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Standard Operating Procedure for Guest Bathroom Preventive Maintenance

SOP Number: Hotel Engineering SOP – 25

Department: Engineering and Maintenance

Date Issued: 27–Mar-2018

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Guest Bathroom Preventive Maintenance Checklist and Procedure:

  • Check if slip guard is used for bathtub safety.

  • Toilet flush valve check.

  • Toilet seat inspect & replace if necessary.

  • Toilet seal check for any evidence of leaks.

  • Toilet seal repair if required.

  • Check Bath & lavatory drain plugs & pop-ups.

  • Check the mixing valve and secure handle.

  • All washers replace if necessary.

  • Check the Shower faucet replace if necessary.

  • Check lavatory faucets replace if necessary.

  • Escutcheon plates clean and replace if required.

  • Exhaust grill clean thoroughly.

  • Check Shower enclosure.

  • Check Shower cubical tracks.

  • Check shower cubical doors.

  • Check Shower cubical bumpers & handles.

  • Jacuzzi check enclosure.

  • Jacuzzi check whirlpool jets.

  • Jacuzzi check drain plugs.

  • Jacuzzi check water temperature.

  • Jacuzzi check random functions/settings.

  • Check the trap under the basin.

  • Check faucet strainer clean or replace if required.

  • Check faucet flow restrictors clean or replace if required.

  • Basin bowl hangers (reglue or resecure & caulk if necessary)

  • Toilet paper holder check and tighten the fitting if required.

  • Coat hooks on door check and tighten if required.

  • Facial tissue holder replace or re-secure.

  • Floor & wall tile (check grouting, whiten if necessary.

  • Check soap dish & grab bars and re-secure if necessary.

  • Towel racks re-secure if required.

  • Check toilet privacy locks and rescuer if required.

  • Check vanity light fixtures replace any fused bulbs.

  • Check the bath area light.

  • Check the bath area switches and plug points.

  • Check smoke detector & replace if necessary.

Remarks by the Technician: