Standard Operating Procedure for Guest Room Doors and Windows Preventive Maintenance

SOP Number: Hotel Engineering SOP  – 24

Department: Engineering and Maintenance

Date Issued: 27–Mar-2018

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Guest Room Preventive Maintenance Checklist and Procedure:


  • Check Lock cylinder set screw and tighten if required.

  • Check Knobs and replace if necessary.

  • Check Hinges & hinge pins lubricate & secure if required.

  • Check Door chain, viewer and chain magnet.

  • Check Lock striker plates & secure if required.

  • Check Night latch.

  • Door frame rubber bumpers and replace if necessary.

  • Check Fire exit plan & room rate card.

  • Check all doors for smooth, tight fit.

  • Check guest room locks for ease.

Sliding Doors:

  • Sliding door track check and repair.

  • Floor guides for sliding doors check and repair.

  • Bumpers on sliding doors check and replace if required.

  • Check Floor door stop and replace if required.


  • Check window guides and stops.

  • Lubricate windows guides if required.

  • Check and secure mirror hangers.

  • Check other window hardware.

Remarks by the Technician:



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