Standard Operating Procedure for Air Blower Sewage Treatment Plant

SOP Number: Hotel Engineering SOP  – 11

Department: Engineering and Maintenance

Date Issued: 22–Feb-2018

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Air Blower For Sewage Treatment Plant Checklist and Procedure:

Required Tools:

  • Screwdriver.

  • Clamp meter.

  • Crimping Tool.

  • Megger.

  • Oil Can.

  • Air Blower.

  • Grease Gun.

  • Plier.

  • Spanner Set.

  • Brush.

  • Line Tester.

Consumable Parts:

  • PVC tape.

  • Old clothes.

  • WD- 40.

  • Lubricating Oil.

  • Grease.

  • Carbon removing compound.

Air Blower For Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance Activity:


  • Motor Should be of minimum 20 HP.

  • Electrical control should be proper.

  • Check for any burnt contact, loose electrical connection and overall operation to be checked.

  • Overload relay should be checked.

  • Check the operation of the relay, setting and loose electrical connections.

  • Check the timer operation and timer settings.

  • Check for any loose electrical connection.

  • Check for any burnt electrical connection.

  • Check the MCB rating and verify with the recommended Amp.

  • Check the motor bearing.

  • Perform oiling, greasing or change the bearing if required.

  • Check the internal Resistance Value.


  • The Compressor filter should be checked for any sand/dust and to be cleaned.

  • Air pressure setting in pressure gauge to be verified and set to the correct settings.

  • Check the V-belt if the same is loose or broken, then it should be replaced.

  • Check the bearing and do oiling/greasing.

  • The bearing to be changed if it is noisy.

Other points to check:

  • Check at the full Load motor capacity should be 28 Amp.

  • Check and verify the overload setting should be 16Amp.

  • Overload relay range should be between 14Amp to 23 Amp.

  • The timer Setting should be at 09 Sec.

  • Check and verify the control fuse rating at 4 Amp.

  • Check and verify the MCB rating should be at 100 Amp.

Remarks by the Technician:



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