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How to select equipment for hotel housekeeping

What to look for when selecting cleaning equipment for housekeeping ?

Before buying cleaning equipment for the staff the Executive Housekeeper / AEHK should as for a product demonstration. Also ask for business references and for locations where the same is in use.

It is the responsibility of the EHK to procure the ideal, most efficient equipment for her staff to ensure maximum productivity. The below checklist will help you to compare available features and to find the best one which will suite your requirement.

Consider the following factors:

Productivity: how much square feet of carpet area can be cleaned in one hour ?

Work performance: in terms of capacity and machine and consumer reports on performance.

Ease of handling: in terms of size, weight and height of the machine and ease of manoeuvring and operating.

Appearance: What impression might guests have if they see the equipment in use.

Accessories: What kind of accessories are required or available?

Refill Procedure: How easy or difficult to refill required chemicals or cleaning agents ?

Regular Maintenance and care: What kind of regular care and maintenance is required for the upkeep of the equipment.

Safety in operation and maintenance.

Suitability: to the type of area, surface, work, amount of obstruction and cleaning frequency.

Versatility: to undertake various types of cleaning.

Portability: in terms of ease of transfer between floors and the provision of wheels and detachable parts and consumer reports on life expectancy.

Noise level: which is a more important consideration for hospitals than hotels.

Availability of spare parts: easy servicing conditions and lead time after booking of equipment.

Protective design: which may feature a protective edging to prevent damage to wall furniture and fittings and no sharp edges.

Ease of storage: in terms of ease of dismantling detachable parts and storage space required.

Cost: as a sum of initial costs, operating costs, maintenance and depreciation, as well as hiring considerations as opposed to purchasing.

Training: What Training programs are given to the hotel staff on using the product.

After Sales Service: What product and service warranties are included ? and is service provided onsite?

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Authored and managed by Augustine, a hotelier with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has a 3-year diploma with 'honors' from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute and a Bachelor of Computer Application - BCA Degree.