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Equipment for cleaning Carpets and floors in hotel housekeeping

Different Type of Carpet and Floor Cleaning Equipment used in hotels

It is one of the important task in the housekeeping department to decide when and how the carpets and floors should be cleaned. By the great number of cleaning equipment and solutions currently available in the market this has become a complicated task.

Carpet and floor cleaning machines are very expensive hence they need to be cared, maintained, stored and used properly. Some on the commonly used equipment are explained below.

Wet Extractors:

These machines are used to restore the surface appearance of carpets, upholstery and curtains. They remove the more deeply embedded soil which is normally not easily removed by suction cleaning. They are also useful in the application of soil-retardant finishes on carpets.

Hot-water extraction machines:

These are machines with no rotary action. They carry a tank for hot water and detergent, which are used for deep cleaning carpets. The hot water and detergent are shot into the carpet from high-pressure spray nozzles. The dirt is thus flushed to the surface and this, along with the soiled water is removed by suction into a container in the machine.

Also these machines are mistakenly called 'steam extraction' machines, there is in fact no generation of steam and the cleaning agents are simply hot water and detergent. Hot water extractors should never be filled with water that is higher than 66° C [ 150° F ] in temperature, This is because wool carpets can shrink on high temperatures.

Solvent extraction machines:

These machines are primarily used for cleaning upholstery and curtains and to a lesser extent for carpets.

Wet Vacuums:

Such type of vacuums are used to pick up spills or to pick up rise water used during carpet or floor cleaning. Many wet vacuums can also be used on floors to pick up dry soils.

Rotary Floor Machines:

These can be used for a wide variety of surface cleaning jobs. For carpets these machines can be fitted with pads or brushes to perform dry-foam cleaning and on Hard surface floors rotary floor machines can be used for buffing, burnish, scrubbing, refinish etc.

Cylindrical-brush dry-foam machines:

This system has a cylindrical brush that scrubs that scrubs and picks up in one pass, the foam generated by the machine.

Rotary-brush wet-shampoo machines:

A rotary brush cleaner in conjunction with a wet shampoo is employed for the cleaning of carpets here. The machine comes with a range of accessories including vacuum and drying equipment.

Small rotary-brushes wet-shampoo machines:

This is also a rotary brush cleaner, but employs 2 brushes instead of 1 and is somewhat smaller than the rotary-brush wet-shampoo machine.


These machines remove debris, soiling and/or water. They are suitable for large areas where mechanical sweeping, scrubbing and drying are required.

Power sweepers: 

These are self-propelled or manually propelled machines designed to remove debris and loosen soiling from roads, pavements, carpets and large areas of hard flooring.

High-pressure washers:

This type of equipment is designed to remove soiling by subjecting the surface to water, steam and/or sand under pressure. Water under pressure physically dislodges the dirt. The process can be assisted by the use of hot water, steam or sand.

Scarifying machines:

Scarifying is the process by which heavy grease, mud, wet sawdust and thick deposits are removed from the surface of floors. The process is employed when simple scrubbing has been ineffective. Here dirt deposits are broken up by the chisel-like action of a wire-brush cutting tool.

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