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Floor Cleaning Methods used by hotel housekeeping Staff

Different Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Methods used by housekeeping

Floors require regular cleaning and finishing to retain their appearance and durability. According to the type of flooring used different methods and type of cleaning procedures need to be practiced.

There are different types of floor cleaning machines which are designed for scrubbing, buffing, burnishing, scarifying and spray maintenance.

Mopping: Floors should be mopped daily with a damp mop or with a chemically treated dust mop. Mop heads comes with a variety of natural or synthetic fibres (Types of Mops ). 

New mop heads should be soaked in water for 1 hrs and the mop heads should be rotated so that they can be cleaned and dried after each use.

Scrubbing: Requires a stiff scrubbing brush or pad fitted to a rotary floor cleaning machine, The bristle tips of a brush or the surface of a pad scrape and cut the dirt to remove it with a circular motion.

Burnishing (Polishing): This new kind of floor cleaning method which is similar to buffing but here its is a dry method without any use of any polish spray. Additionally the speed in which the rotary floor cleaning machine head is set to spin faster for burnishing.

The tips of a brush or the surface of a pad abrade and cut the floor surface to create a smooth surface with a glossy finish. In case of a polished surface, it will involve the removal of a surface layer of polish.

Buffing: Usually followed after scrubbing or burnishing, Buffing involves spraying the floor with a polishing solution and buffing the floor with a rotary floor machine. Latest rotary cleaning machines have an ability of spraying the polishing solution as well as buff the floor.

While buffing the bristle tips of a brush or the surface of a pad create a high-gloss finish on the floor surface. In case of a surface on which a polish has been applied, it will involve generation of a local heat to harden waxes and resins.

Scarifying: Scarifying is a floor cleaning method by which the thick layer of soil is removed by breaking up the surface of the topsoil by a chisel like action of a wire brush cutting tool.

The bristle tips or edge of a cutting tool, cut into impacted soiling and remove it by means of a chisel-like action.

Spray cleaning : This is similar to spray cleaning, but the term is applied to the maintenance of floors where a buffable or semi-buffable polish has been applied and the bristle tips of a brush or the surface of a pad remove both soiling and the surface layer of polish to leave a smooth, glossy surface.

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