Advantages of using Passport Scanners | ID Scanners | Visiting Card | in hotels

Advantages of Using Passport Scanners, Visa Scanner and Business card Scanners in Hotels

  • Securely Store and manage guest identity and also privacy.

  • New age scanners can scan documents like Passport, Visa, business card and other government ID cards like Diving license, Resident card, TAX identification cards etc.

  • No need to manually update guest ID details on the Property Management System or guest check-in register in case hotel doesn't use any software.

  • Save paper because the scanned details are stored electronically and no need to take a photocopy or printout.

  • Reduce cost on Photo Copier paper and printing cost.

  • Save Storage place for keeping photocopied files.

  • Saves and store scanned details on the structured way.

  • Take required extract on Excel or other required formats for submitting to Police or other similar government agencies.

  • Be in compliance with local authorities rules and regulations.

  • Hotel Sales team can take the extract of all Business cards to plan their sales initiatives.

  • Save guest photograph to profile on PMS.

  • Help with the express check-in process.

  • Reduce the number of hours spent on updating guest details on Property Management Software or Registration cards.

  • Reduce or minimize data entry errors when compared to updating details manually.

  • Most of the scanners have a direct seamless interface with major hotel management software.

  • Front Staff can now spend more time interacting with guests instead of doing manual filing and storing.

  • Reduce overall time for check-in process.


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