Advantages Of Using Passport Scanners Or ID Scanners In Hotels

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Advantages of Using Passport Scanners, Visa Scanners, and Business Card Scanners in Hotels

Passport scanners and ID scanners are becoming increasingly popular in hotels around the world due to their many benefits. The first and most obvious advantage is increased security. By scanning passports or IDs, hotels can ensure that only authorized guests are allowed into the hotel rooms. This helps to prevent fraudulent activities such as identity theft, credit card fraud, and other types of criminal activity.

Another advantage is improved efficiency. With passport and ID scanners, hotel staff can quickly verify a guest’s identity without having to manually enter data into a computer or verify information with the guest. This helps to reduce waiting times and improve the overall guest experience.

Passport and ID scanners also help hotels to comply with local laws and regulations. In many countries, hotels are required to collect and store guest information for a certain period of time. By using passport and ID scanners, hotels can easily collect and store this information, making it easier to comply with local laws and regulations.

Finally, passport and ID scanners are a great way for hotels to gather valuable data about their guests. By collecting information such as nationality, age, and gender, hotels can gain valuable insights into their guests’ preferences and behaviors. This can help hotels to improve their services and tailor their offerings to better meet the needs and wants of their guests.

Advantages of Using Passport Scanners:

  • Securely Store and manage guest identity and privacy.
  • New age scanners can scan documents like Passports, visas, business cards, and other government ID cards like Diving licenses, Resident cards, TAX identification cards, etc.
  • No need to manually update guest ID details on the Property Management System or guest check-in register in case the hotel doesn’t use any software.
  • Save paper because the scanned details are stored electronically and no need to take a photocopy or printout.
  • Reduce the cost of Photo Copier paper and printing costs.
  • Save Storage place for keeping photocopied files.
  • Saves and stores scanned details in a structured way.
  • Take the required extract in Excel or other required formats for submitting to the Police or other similar government agencies.
  • Comply with local authorities’ rules and regulations.
  • The Hotel Sales team can take the extract of all Business cards to plan their sales initiatives.
  • Save guest photograph to profile on PMS.
  • Help with the express check-in process.
  • Reduce the number of hours spent on updating guest details on Property Management Software or Registration cards.
  • Reduce or minimize data entry errors when compared to updating details manually.
  • Most of the scanners have a direct seamless interface with major hotel management software.
  • Front Staff can now spend more time interacting with guests instead of doing manual filing and storing.
  • Reduce overall time for the check-in process.
Overall, the advantages of using passport scanners or ID scanners in hotels are clear. From increased security to improved efficiency and compliance with local laws and regulations, these tools are a must-have for any hotel looking to provide the best possible guest experience.
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Since 2011 Setupmyhotel has been helping hundreds of hoteliers around the world. Support Setupmyhotel by becoming our Patron!

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