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Definition of term SHARER in Hotels

Sharers are those guests who share the room with the main guest, Normally hotels create sharer reservations for corporate, airline stay-over, airline crew, groups and conference guests.

In some countries, it is mandatory to get the registration card signed for all occupants in the room, by creating a sharing reservation separate registration cards can be generated for each occupant.

Below are few special characteristics of sharer reservations:

  • The main reservation may have one or more sharer reservations linked to it. This may depend upon the maximum number of adults which can occupy a room.

  • Those customers requiring a separate invoice are normally required to be set up as a ‘SHARER’.

  • Those customers whose registration details need to be taken separately (Address, Passport, Visa etc.).

  • A SHARER reservation can have a different arrival or departure date.

  • A SHARER reservation can have different statistic codes like Market, Source, Nationality etc.

  • Normally full room rate is charged on the main guest reservation and a Sharer Rate code / Zero Rate code is attached to all sharing reservation.

  • In some cases, the room rate is posted on "sharer" reservation also the ratio of room rate which is split differs as per the billing request. Eg: 50 % of rate to main guest and 50 % to Sharer. 70 % to main guest and 30 to sharer etc.

  • A SHARER reservation is not considered while taking a room count, only the main guest is counted as one room.

  • SHARER reservation option on most of the Property Management systems normally has all the features activated similar to the main guest.

  • A SHARER can be checked-out separately while the main guest is still in-house, Vice Versa.

  • Front Desk staff has the full ability to post charges to the main guest or Sharing guest.

  • From the restaurant POS (Point of Sale) while doing a room enquiry in a sharing room, it will show both the main guest name as well as sharing guest name. This gives the flexibility to settle the bill separately either to the main guest or to the sharing guest.

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