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6 Main Factors To Consider While Menu Planning | Main Factors for Menu Planning | Menu Planning Key Factors

Main Factors To Consider While Menu Planning

Whether it is for new outlets or existing outlets, points related to the following aspects should be considered by the F&B team and Executive Chef while planning the menu:

1. Operations Hour

The menu planning committee must consider a policy on operation hours of the business while planning the menu. If it is operating throughout the day from morning 7 AM to midnight then all dishes required during breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, evening snacks, dinner, and so on, should be included.

If it is going to be operational only during lunch and dinner, then the menu should be planned accordingly. During lunch hour operations, guests expect quick service or business/executive lunch, which should be also taken into account.

2. What To Serve

The policy of the management may not permit the inclusion of pork, beef or any of the non-vegetarian dishes, genetically modified food, and so on. Dishes included in the menu should be in line with the framework or theme of the restaurant's establishment's policy.

3. Production Process

The type of food production process the business is going to implement, such as traditional party system centralised production, cook-chill, cook-freeze, and sous-vide, and so on, should be taken into account while planning the menu.

4. Use of Convenience Products

Convenience products of many categories, from ones requiring some amount of final preparation in the kitchen to ready-to-eat forms, are available in the market etc. must also be considered.

5. Style Of Service

The menu should be planned to take into account the style of service to be implemented. For example, buffet, silver, American, tray service, takeaway etc. Read more about the different types of service.

6. Type Of Menu

The type of menu to be implemented in operations should be borne in mind while planning the menu. The A la Carte menu will offer extensive choice under each category and table d'hôte menu will have a set number of courses with a limited choice at a set price. Read about different types of menu.

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