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Menu Knowledge For Food and Beverage Service Staff, Food Menu, Beverage Menu, Bar Menu, F&B Staff Training

Basic Menu Knowledge for F&B Service Staff

All the F&B service staff shall be thoroughly familiar with all beverage items listed on the menu, their origin and how they are prepared and served. Although some items may not be listed on the menu, all staff shall have a basic but correct knowledge of most popular beverage items which exist but are not necessarily served in the outlet.

Additionally, Every staff member shall have a basic knowledge of wines regarding the most common origins and appellations as trained by the Food & Beverage Management Team and according to the Hotel’s sales mix. Below are some of the basic menu knowledge skills which the hotel F&B service staff should possess.

  1. The food and beverage service staff should be able to describe the dishes on the menu to the guest in a simple and clear way.

  2. Should be able to pronounce all food items in the menu accurate.

  3. Able to know the ingredients and cooking method of all items on the menu.

  4. To know the preparation time of each dish.

  5. To know what condiments and/or sauce to serve with the dish.

  6. To know how the dish should be served.

  7. To know which section of the kitchen to produce the dish.

  8. To know what are the daily specials and seasonal ingredients.

  9. To know what item is out of stock.

  10. To know which are the signature dishes of the restaurant.

  11. To know what else can be proposed to guest in terms of cooking method besides the one listed and make appropriate recommendations.

  12. To know the selling price of the dish.

  13. To know the portion size of each dish and give appropriate advises to the guest especially those served in pieces.

  14. To know the history and the place of origin of the ingredients or dishes.

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