Cleaning and using Blender | Blender For BAR |  Commercial Blenders for BAR example

Double Blender Using and cleaning in BAR

  • Make sure all blender are functional to use before starting the shift.

  • Check the cleanliness of the blender before use, and also make sure there is no stain on the blending knife and the container.

  • Always test by switching on and off the blender before use.

  • Make sure the Silent Mode Blender (Covered Blender) is only used for Front of the house use, and the normal blender is only for Back of the house use.

  • If the blender is out of function, make sure inform duty supervisor, look for back-up blender in order to avoid the delay of service.

  • Make sure to clean the blender after use it every time.

  • Avoid the mixture of different beverage as it will affect the quality of product.

  • Avoid to use the blender for oily or squeeze blending.

  • Avoid overloading the blender beyond the recommended capacity by the manufacturer.

  • Always Keep the Blender dry.

  • Avoid Spilling liquids on top the blender.

  • Hand washing the blender Jar and accessories is the preferable way to keep it clean and looking nice.

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