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Different Types of Function Room Setup / Banquet Room setup

The Design and decor of function rooms, like the food and beverages that are served in them, can take many forms. A simple coffee break can be served in an undecorated themeless room, while elaborated reception, meeting or reception has complex layout and decorations to fit the theme.

Additionally the guests at banquets and catered events must be served quickly, the layout and service stations should be setup to allow for maximum staff efficiency.

The best way to layout a room is dependent on a number of factors including: 

Space available inside the banquet hall.

Size of the audience ie (minimum guaranteed pax and maximum).

Expected level of activity and interaction required.

Place required for dinner tables, meeting tables and head tables.

Details of equipment's required eg projectors, screen, lecterns, Flip chart, board, dance floor, stage etc.

The type of service. Eg: Site down full service, Buffet etc.

Below are 9 Main styles of banquet / event room setup:

1.  Banquet / Wedding Style

Banquet Style Meeting room setup

2. Board Meeting Style

Board Meeting Style

3. Herringbone or fish bone style

Herringbone or fish bone style banquet setup

4. Hollow Square Style

Hollow Squar Style

5. Lecture Room - Training Room Style

Lecture Room - Training Room Style

6. School Room

School Room Style Setup

7. T Shape - Style

T Shape - Style Banquet Room Setup

8. Theater Style

Theater Style Banquet Room Setup

9. U Style

U Style Banquet Room Setup

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