Different Types of Beer or Beer Terms

Beer which has the lowest alcoholic content is made from fermented grains and hops. It also contains the highest food value but with a lesser shelf life when compared to other alcoholic beverages. 

There are two main classes or variety of beer. 1) Ales and 2) Larger the main difference between these two variety is the temperature at which they are fermented.

Ales are top-fermented (Yeast at the Top) at a much warmer temperature and requires a longer time to age where as Larger is bottom-fermented (Yeast settles at the Bottom) and aged at cold temperature.

1) Examples of Ales:

Mild Beer

Belgian Ale

Dark Ale

Pale Ale

Wheat Beer

Old Ale

2) Example of Larger: 

Block Beer

Dry Beer

Pilsener Beer

Draft Beer

Pale Lager



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