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Order Taking and Serving Desserts & After Dinner Drinks

Step 1:  Taking an order for a dessert 

Would you like to see the dessert menu, (sir)? We have some excellent desserts.

Would you care for one of our special signature  desserts?

Can I tempt you to a delicious dessert? Mr. Bruce.

May I suggest the (Mango Souffle)? 

I would recommend our chef's special Eggless Chocolate Mousse ?

Step 2: Taking an order for coffee, tea and liqueurs

May I bring you some tea or coffee?

Would you care for some tea or coffee?

Would you like to have some Mint Tea / Green Tea ?

Mr Wilson we have Full fat, low fat and skim milk and one dairy substitute are available for coffee.

We have Coffee (regular and decaffeinated) is freshly brewed and served with cream and milk selections.

Varieties of regular, herbal and decaffeinated teas are available. A minimum variety of four teas is available.

Sugar and (2) sugar substitutes - Splenda (requirement in NAD) and aspartame or saccharine - are placed on the table prior to coffee and tea service.

Step 3:  Offering a refill

Would you care for some more?

May I offer you some more tea / coffee?

Mr. David, Would you like me to top up your coffee ?

May I bring you another (cup / pot) of (coffee / tea)?

Step 4: Announcing last orders

Important Note : Always show that you care while announcing last order, be very polite so that the guest do not feel that they are no longer welcome.

Excuse me, (sir), but ..we take our last orders at ( 2300hrs).

The (Restaurant / Bar) is closing in (5 minutes), Would you like order anything else?

By the Way Ms. Sandy  no hurry. Please take your time to finish your (meal / drinks).