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Different Type of Utensils used in BAR's and Lobby Lounges 

BAR staff must use a wide range of equipment items that help them to mix each guests drink efficiently, expertly and seemingly effortlessly.

It is crucial to have right utensils and equipment's in bar which meet the requirements and expectations of the guests, as well as applicable operation in the BAR counter.

Bar Utensils and Equipment's

Bar Floor mat - Utensils in Bars

Bar Floor Mat 

Floor mats are put on the bar floor for hygienic reason and also to reducing breakage from accidental droping of glasswares


Work Table Rubber or Plastic Mat
Placed on bar work table 
Sample Bar Caddies

Bar Caddies 

Used for Holding Cocktail Napkin, Straws, Stirrer and Coasters.

BAR Condiment Caddies for BAR

Bar Condiment Caddies

For keeping all cut fruits and garnish which are used for making cocktails and mocktails. 

Liquor Speed Rail in BAR

Liqueur Speed Rail

Kept on the side of bar work table for holding frequent using spirits and liqueurs.

Bottle opener for Bar Servers

Bottle Opener

A bottle opener are used to remove the metal caps from bottles.

Wine Opener for BAR tender

Wine Opener

Used for Opening Red and White wine

Champagne  bottle stopper

Champagne Bottle Stopper

Used for keeping the opened champagne longer by sealing it with the bottle stopper.

Wine bottle stopper

Wine Bottle Stopper

Stopper is use to store opened wines bottles.

Vacuum wine saver

Vacuum wine saver

Stopper to use as a cap, vacuum pump to pump out the air from bottle, inorder to keep the wine longer and lasting.

pour spouts


Pour Spouts

Pour spouts help bartenders portion every shot to the amount management wants the customers to receive, This also helps to reduce the inflated size bartenders tend to pour for guests.


Jigger / Peg Measure


Used to Measure spirits / liqueur or other mixer.

Cocktail Shaker Glass

Cocktail Shaker and Glass

Used as s pair of stainless steel shaker, and also for all stirred cocktails and muddled fruits, can measure volume of juice / mixer as well.

Cocktail Strainer

Cocktail Strainer

Use as a pair with cocktail shaker, to strain ice, foam or other substance from the drinks.

Juice container with colour coding

Juice Container

Keep fruit juice sorted by different color, easy for storage, clarify different juice by bottle color and convenience while preparing drinks at BAR.

Black & Red = Cranberry
Green = Apple
Orange = Orange
Yellow = Pineapple
Red = Grapefruit
White = Milk
Red & Red = Tomato Juice

Ice Bucket

Steel Ice Bucket

Used for serving ice on guest table, served along with a ice tong.

Ice Scoop

Ice Scoop

Use in Ice Bin or Ice machine.

Ice Shot Glass Mould

Ice Shot Glass Mold 

Fill with water and put in freezer to make Ice Shot Glass for special cocktails and mocktails.



A muddler is a bartender's tool used for muddling fruits, herbs or spices inorder to get the juice or crumb and also to release their flavour.

Bar Spoon

Bar Spoon

Used for Mixing cocktail or mixer.

Chopping Board

Chopping Board, Paring Knife and Channel Knife

Used for cutting fruits at Bar counter, Pairing Knife used mainly for cutting skin from fruit and vegetables and Channel knife used for peeling off fruit skins to make twist shape garnish.

Margarita Tray

Margarita Tray

3 separate layers for Lime/Lemon juice, salt and sugar, use for applying salt or sugar on the glass edge.