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Tips and Tricks For Food Plate & Platter Arrangement

Plate & Platter Arrangement Tips and Tricks For Chef's

1Keep food away from the plate's rim. The meal is supposed to be in the well of the dish. If the amount of food on the plate is too much for the well, use a larger plate or lower the amount of food.

2. Arrange the food in a unified manner. The plate should resemble a single meal composed of multiple components. The meal should not be distributed across the entire dish. The centre of the plate, not the edge, should draw the customer's attention.

3. Arrange the food on the plate in the most attractive manner. For example:

  • The best side of the meat forward.

  • The back part of duck or chicken half should face away from the customer. 

  • The bone of a chop should face away from the customer.   

4. When utilised correctly, sauces can improve plate presentation. Do the following while placing the plates:

  • Drizzle sauce on top of or around the dish.

  • The sauce should not be used to hide or mask the products that are served with it.

  • If you're putting sauce on top of a meat or vegetable, use a thin ribbon to add colour and serve extra sauce on the side.

  • Don't use too much sauce. Sauce is supposed to enhance and compliment the flavour of food, not to mask it.

  • Sauces should be light and natural, rather than heavy and pasty.

5. Refrain from using the same pattern over and over again. Particularly for buffet presentation, variety in platter arrangement is as important as colour variation.

6. Only add garnish if it's really essential. A garnish must be practical and solely applied to a plate or platter for balance.

7. The trick is to keep things simple. A basic plate presentation is more appealing than an overloaded, elaborate one when it comes to food presentation. Extensive designs frequently lead to misunderstanding. If not done correctly, they are time consuming and unappealing to the eye. It's a simple, elegant garniture that calls for and reflects the finest level of culinary expertise.

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