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A cafeteria cook job description with duties and responsibilities

Job Description For Cafeteria Cook

JOB TITLE:  Cafeteria Cook

REPORTS TO: Executive Chef


A cafeteria cook is someone who prepares food in a school or workplace cafeteria. They may work with a team of cooks, or they may be the only cook in the kitchen. The cook typically prepares cold foods such as salad and sandwiches, but may also prepare hot foods such as soup or chilli.

They must follow recipes strictly to ensure that all food is prepared correctly, and they must also be able to make adjustments to recipes based on feedback from customers. The cook must also keep their work area clean and organized.


  • Prepare and cook food according to recipes

  • Oversees and directs the kitchen staff.

  • Maintains a calm composure during the periods of difficulty and hustle and bustle..

  • Respond to questions and complaints from clients to help them resolve problems.

  • Proficient in staff training for all back of house operations.

  • Manage product storage, maintenance and rotation activities to avoid any damages or spoilages.

  • Assist with inventory and sales budget preparation.

  • Adhere to food safety regulations.

  • Assist employees with company regulations and procedures.

  • Ascertain that all cleaning operations are carried out to the highest possible standard

  • Make sure that products are properly labeled with nutritional content, prices, and expiration dates.

  • Create a stocking plan to prevent under stocks and overhangs.

  • Be ready to pitch in to any department if necessary.


Qualification and Skills:

  •  Experience in cooking large quantities of food

  •  High School Diploma or GED.

  • ServSafe Food Handler’s Certificate or Similar certification.


Previous experience is an advantage.