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Table Reservations Procedure For Restaurants

Managing table reservations is a crucial aspect of restaurant operations, ensuring that guests have a positive experience and the establishment maximizes its seating capacity. Here is a general procedure for handling table reservations in restaurants:

  1. Reservation System:
    • Implement a reservation system to efficiently manage bookings. This can be a digital system, reservation software, or a traditional pen-and-paper logbook.
  2. Reservation Policies:
    • Establish clear reservation policies, including:
      • Reservation time limits.
      • Cancellation policies.
      • Group reservation policies.
      • Any deposit requirements for large parties or special events.
  3. Reservation Channels:
    • Provide multiple channels for reservations, such as:
      • Phone reservations.
      • Online reservations through the restaurant’s website or third-party platforms.
      • Walk-in reservations.
  4. Designated Staff:
    • Designate specific staff members responsible for managing reservations. This could include a host/hostess or a dedicated reservations manager.
  5. Reservation Record Keeping:
    • Maintain a detailed record of reservations, including:
      • Guest name and contact information.
      • Number of guests.
      • Reservation date and time.
      • Special requests or preferences.
  6. Communication with Guests:
    • Confirm reservations with guests, either via phone or email, and provide them with essential details:
      • Confirmation of reservation date and time.
      • Any special instructions or requirements.
      • Cancellation policies.
  7. Table Allocation:
    • Assign specific tables for reservations based on the number of guests and seating preferences.
    • Optimize table turnover to maximize restaurant capacity.
  8. Waitlist Management:
    • Keep a waitlist for guests without reservations.
    • Update the waitlist in real-time as tables become available.
  9. Handling Special Requests:
    • Accommodate any special requests or preferences made by guests, such as seating preferences, dietary restrictions, or special occasions.
  10. Preparation for Reservations:
    • Ensure that tables are set and ready for reserved guests before their arrival.
    • Communicate with kitchen staff to prepare for expected orders.
  11. Handling No-shows:
    • Implement a policy for handling no-shows, including follow-up communication and possibly a fee for large groups or peak times.
  12. Guest Arrival:
    • Greet and seat guests promptly upon arrival.
    • Confirm the reservation details and address any additional requests.
  13. Post-Reservation Follow-up:
    • Gather feedback from guests after their dining experience.
    • Use feedback to improve service and address any issues.
  14. Data Analysis:
    • Analyze reservation data to identify peak times, popular days, and other trends to optimize restaurant operations.
  15. Continuous Improvement:
    • Regularly review and update the reservation process based on feedback, changing demands, and industry trends.

Answering the telephone:

With the caller as per the time of the day:

  • Good (morning/afternoon/evening). Roof Top Restaurant Albert speaking. How may I help you?

Acknowledging a reservation request

  • Certainly Mr. David, (use the name if whenever known)
  •  Yes of course sir or madam, (use name if known)

Taking the table reservation details:

Standard questions

  • May I have your name, please?
  •  When would you like to book your table?
  •  A table for how many guests?
  •  Where would you like to sit?
  •  Do you prefer a smoking area? (Only applicable if your restaurant has a separate smoking area/zone)

When you check the reservation book

  • Please excuse me, (name), while I check the reservations.
  •  Please allow me to put your call on hold, While I check the availability.
  •  Just one moment, please (name), while I see what we have available.

Returning to the caller

  • I’m sorry to keep you waiting, (name).
  •  Sorry to keep you on hold, (guest Name)
  •  May I have your (mobile number), please?

Confirming the details

  • May I please repeat the table reservation details, A table for (2) (this afternoon / on Sunday, 31 October) at (2.00 p.m.) in the name of (Mr. David)? And your (telephone number) is (123456789). Are those details correct? 

Saying goodbye

  • Thank you very much for calling, Mr. David. We look forward to seeing you then. Have a great day ahead.

When a table is not available or when the guest wants one

  • I’m afraid we don’t have a table at that time. Would (2.30) be suitable?
  •  I’m afraid we don’t have a table available there at that time. But there is a table available (say where) then. Would that be suitable?

Offering an alternative

  • May I help you to reserve a table at another of our restaurants instead? 
  •  Perhaps you’d like to have (lunch) in the (Wok Restaurant), where there will be a buffet this afternoon.

Process for reconfirming a restaurant table reservation request:

Standard reconfirmation

  • Good Morning, Mr. David. This is Albert from the Roof Top restaurant speaking.
  •  I would like to reconfirm your reservation for a table for 2 this afternoon at 02:00 p.m.
  •  Thank you very much for making the reservation and we look forward to being of service to you and your (guest) this evening.

Reconfirmation of a table reservation with a special request

  • Good afternoon, Mr. David. This is Albert from the Roof Top restaurant speaking.
  •  I would like to reconfirm your reservation of a table for 2 this evening at 7:00 pm.
  •  A birthday cake with the wording “Happy Birthday to Betty” has been arranged for tonight.
  •  Should you have any other requests, please let us know.
  •  Thank you very much for making the reservation and we look forward to being of service to you and your (guest) this evening.
By following a well-defined table reservations procedure, restaurants can enhance customer satisfaction, optimize table turnover, and streamline overall operations. Consistent communication and attention to detail are key elements in ensuring a positive experience for both guests and staff.
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