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SOP Procedure for Handling Telephone Sales Calls

Telephone sales calls are an important tool in any sales and marketing strategy. They allow sales representatives to reach potential customers directly, engaging them in a conversation about the product or service being offered. However, it is essential that these calls are handled professionally and effectively to ensure that they do not become a nuisance to potential customers.

To make successful sales calls, it is important to have a clear understanding of the product or service being offered and to have an effective script that outlines the key features and benefits. It is also important to have a good understanding of the target audience and their needs and interests. This will help to tailor the conversation and make it more engaging for the potential customer.

During the call, it is important to be friendly and professional, and to listen carefully to the customer’s responses. It is also important to be flexible and able to adapt the conversation based on the customer’s needs and interests. Finally, it is important to follow up after the call to ensure that the customer has all the information they need and to address any concerns or questions they may have.

Overall, telephone sales calls can be an effective way to reach potential customers, but it is important to approach them in a professional and effective manner to ensure success.

Telephone Sales Call Standard procedure:

  • This procedure describes how to handle outgoing and incoming calls professionally and also provides a detailed overview of the telephone sales operations.
  •  A telephone sales call is a daily activity, sometimes you need some experience to do it, one important thing is to keep a good relationship with the bookers or clients.
  •  All sales associates will conduct planned sales calls daily covering key accounts, key prospects, other active accounts, and new prospects.
  •  Telephonic sales is one of the most economical ways to find and sell to prospective guests and customers.
  •  This method helps the sales managers or sales coordinators to mainly achieve the following:
  1. Search for new leads.
  2.  Make sales appointment.
  3.  Research a market to reach new prospect bookers.
  4.  Convert inquiries from advertisement or promotional activity done by the sales and marketing department.
  5.  Follow up on proposals, site inspections, site visits, and other leads from trade fares.
  • Many of the phone calls are potential sales calls, so the sales team must have good communication and telephone etiquette.
  •  Always start the conversation by asking if it is a good time to talk.
  •  Let the booker know that they are important for the property.
  •  Sales managers or Coordinators who make the call should do adequate preparation, have enough time, make the call directly, and have good timing.
  •  Ideally, it is better to avoid calling during the late evening or in the early morning hours.
  •  All Calls should be kept short and to the point unless the client wants to have additional information.
  •  The booker secretaries should be treated courteously and respectfully, otherwise, there is a lesser chance of getting connected to the prospective booker.
  •  Should possess good listing skills ie the booker should get a chance to speak about his views about the property or requirement.
  •  The correct technique should be used in closing the telephone sales calls.
  •  Other types of telephone calls are Service calls, promotional calls, and public relations calls.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Does anyone know what are the advantages of telephone sales calls?

Q2. Types of outgoing calls?

Q3. Who is responsible for making the telephone calls?

Q4. How to start the conversation with the prospect booker?

Q5. Why it is important to have good telephone etiquette?
SOP Number: Sales and Marketing SOP – 08
Department: Sales and Marketing – Marketing
Date Issued: 19-Jun-2017
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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