SOP – Housekeeping – Trolley / Maids Cart Setting

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Setting The Trolley or Maids Cart Before Shift

  • The houseman / Housemaid sets his trolley as per the standard, with bed sheets in one shelf, towels in another, and bathroom amenities in a separate drawer.
  •  A maid cart can be compared to a giant toolbox, It should be stocked with all the required amenities to complete a complete shift room cleaning.
  •  The maid’s cart should be spacious enough to carry all the required supplies for one shift work.
  • The cart should be lightweight, easy to clean, and easily manoeuvrable.
  •  The cart has to be always well organized and well stocked before starting each shift.
  •  A well-stocked maid’s cart will avoid unnecessary trips to the floor pantry.
  •  The amount of supplies loaded onto the cart depends upon the number of rooms, and type of rooms to be serviced on the assigned floor.
  •  The carts are normally stocked from the floor pantry.
  •  Never overstock or understock the cart: Overstocking will increase the risk of accidents or damage to the supplies. Whereas under-stocking can slow down the efficiency of cleaning because of the regular trips to the floor pantry to collect the required items.
  •  Record the items loaded on the cart on the Room assignment sheet.

List of supplies loaded on the maid’s cart:

  1. Shampoo
  2.  Moisturizer
  3.  Mouthwash
  4.  Foam bath
  5.  Sewing kit
  6.  Shower cap
  7.  Shoeshine
  8.  Detergent
  9.  Loofah
  10.  Disposal bag
  11.  Toilet rolls
  12.  Tissue box
  13.  Soap dish
  14.  Bath towel
  15.  Hand towel
  16.  Face towel
  17.  Bathmat 
  18.  Bedspread
  19.  Pillow covers etc.

The cleaning supplies are kept in a separate hand caddy, Below are a few items stocked on the hand caddy.

  1. Toilet cleaning solution
  2.  Bowl brush
  3.  Toilet brush
  4.  All-purpose cleaner
  5.  Cleaning clothes
  6.  Rubber gloves
  • On one end of the cart, there will be a bag for storing the dirty/soiled linens.
  •  There will be a garbage bag in one corner of the maid’s cart with a lid on it.
  •  Once the shift is over the maid cart/maid trolley is to be moved back to the floor pantry and all the shelves are to be locked. 

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Who is responsible for setting up the maid’s cart/trolley?

Q2. What should be looked for while purchasing a maid’s cart/floor trolley?

Q3. What disadvantages of overstocking and understocking maid carts?

Q4. Give a few examples of guest room supplies loaded in a cart.

Q5. What is a hand caddy?
SOP Number:  Housekeeping SOP - 22 
Department:   Housekeeping – General
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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