SOP Finance and Accounting – Hotel Employee/Staff Time Clock Reports

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Preparing Staff Time Clock Reports

Purpose of Staff Time Clock Reports :

One of the most important aspects of running a successful hotel is keeping track of your employee’s time and attendance. This is where a Hotel Employee/Staff Time Clock Report comes in handy. The report helps the hotel management to track the hours worked by each employee, which in turn helps in calculating payroll and other benefits.

The SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for finance and accounting in hotels should include guidelines on how to generate and analyze these reports. The SOP should specify the types of reports that need to be generated, the frequency of generating them, and who is responsible for generating them.

In addition, the SOP should also outline how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise with the time clock system. For example, if an employee forgets to clock in or out, the SOP should detail how to make corrections to the report. It should also address how to handle any discrepancies that may arise between the employee’s reported time and the actual time worked.

The purpose of the staff time clock report is to provide a record of an employee’s daily work schedule. This report can be used to help track employee productivity and compliance with company policies.

Overall, having a well-defined SOP for finance and accounting in hotels is crucial for ensuring that the hotel’s financial operations run smoothly and efficiently. The Hotel Employee/Staff Time Clock Report is just one of many tools that can help streamline these processes.

Time Clock Reports SOP Procedures:

1. Attention Report List: This is a “problem” and an “exception” report. It details who punched in and who did not. It should be reviewed daily by someone in Accounting or the General Manager of the limited-service hotels.

2. Daily Clock-In/Out Report: This provides labour cost by department versus revenues. Actual labour cost versus actual sales. Revenues are to be input daily by the Hotel.

3. Time and Attendance Report: This provides information for the Payroll Worksheet and takes the place of the Payroll Worksheet. This report must be signed off by the General Manager at the end of the pay period for validation purposes. Only after adjustments are made can the General Manager approve. This report should only be submitted to Vincam and not the Manual Payroll Worksheet.

4. Weekly Work Summary Report: This is your “Approaching Overtime” report and should be reviewed daily.

5. Schedule Costing Report: A critical report we have all been searching for. This report details your scheduled hours versus your forecasted revenue for the following day/week/ month. This report must be reviewed on Thursdays before schedules are posted, to ensure that you are within productivity guidelines.

6. Payroll Expense Report: The follow-up to the Schedule Costing Report. This report details what happened versus our prior week’s forecast. This should be distributed at Staff Meetings or reviewed weekly with Department Managers.

7. Employee Labor Schedule Report: A critical report to be reviewed daily by Department Heads. This is a variance report by employee, day-by-day, versus the schedule.

8. Employee Late Report: A very important report for Performance Appraisals. This provides tardiness information on any employee on any given period. This is a most useful tool for disciplinary and corrective action.

9. Performance Review Dates: This can be accessed through APS, utilizing the following report. Again, all General Managers must pull this report before month end and ensure that Department Managers are receiving this. information so that Performance Appraisals can be timely for the following month.

10. Schedules: Enclosed is an example Schedule from APS. No manual schedules are to be posted at any hotel. All scheduled information is to be inputted into the time clock.

Training Summary Questions:

Q1. Who should review the attention report list daily?

Q2. The time and attendance report should be only submitted to whom?

Q3. Which is the most critical report to be reviewed daily by Department Heads?

Q4. Which report is the most useful tool for disciplinary and corrective action? 
SOP Number: Finance and Accounting SOP  – 26
Department: Payroll
Date Issued: 8-Aug-2021
Time to Train: 25 Minutes
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