SOP Finance and Accounting – Check Controls Procedure

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Check Controls Procedure

Purpose of POS Check Controls:

The finance and accounting department is a crucial part of any hotel operation. It is responsible for managing the financial transactions, preparing financial statements, and generating reports that provide insights into the hotel’s financial performance. As such, it is important to have proper check controls in place to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the financial data.

The SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for finance and accounting check controls in hotels includes several steps. First, all financial transactions must be recorded accurately and promptly in the hotel’s accounting system. This includes sales, expenses, and other financial data.

Second, the accounting department must reconcile the hotel’s bank accounts on a regular basis. This involves comparing the bank statements to the hotel’s accounting system to ensure that all transactions are accounted for and that there are no discrepancies.

Third, the accounting department should perform regular audits of the financial data to ensure that it is accurate and complete. This includes reviewing account balances, transactions, and other financial data to identify any errors or inconsistencies.

Finally, the accounting department should implement internal controls to prevent fraud and other financial irregularities. This may include restricting access to financial data, implementing approval processes for transactions, and conducting regular training and education for staff.

By following these procedures, hotels can ensure that their financial data is accurate, reliable, and secure, which is critical for making informed business decisions and maintaining the trust of stakeholders.

The hotel management team should consistently follow the control procedures herein listed in all F&B outlets. It is the responsibility of the F&B Controller and Food & Beverage Director to ensure compliance with this policy.

Check Controls Procedure Non-POS:

1. The F&B Manager will be responsible for having restaurant and Lounge checks at the Front Desk in stacks of 10, 20, 25, or whatever other number will be sufficient to cover each server or bartender. These checks will be pre-numbered and issued sequentially.

2. The server or bartender will initial the Daily Check Control Log Sheet and record the check numbers they are issued. The Desk Clerk will verify the check ranges and also initial the Log.

3. Each server or bartender will maintain a Check Control Sheet. At the end of their shift, they will total the Check Control Sheet which must tie to the “Z” readings.

4. All used and unused checks must be wrapped in the Check Control Sheet and placed in the Night Audit Box.

5. The Night Auditor will be responsible for performing the check audit and completing the Daily Check Control Log. Any missing checks will be reported to the General Manager, F&B Manager and Controller.

6. The F&B Manager will investigate all missing checks and report the results of the investigation back to the General Manager and Controller.

Check Controls Procedure For Banquet:

1. The Floor Manager or Hostess will sign out the checks from the Front Desk.

2. As guests are seated, the check is marked with the server name or number and number of guests.

3. The soft copy is maintained by the Hostess for control, and the hard copy is placed on the table if the meal is a buffet only.

4. Both copies of the check are placed on the table and the Hostess notes the server, check number, and number of guests on the Check Control Log.

5. Servers will attach a copy of the POS check to the hard copy of the register tape in non-POS properties.

6. Each server will complete its own Check Control Log and give it and the checks to the Hostess or Floor Manager.

7. The Hostess or Floor Manager should compare the number of covers recorded on the checks to the soft copies. Any discrepancies should be noted and passed on to the F&B Manager for investigation.

Training Summary Questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of the Check Controls SOP?

Q2. What details need to be entered in the check?

Q3. Are details updated on the Check Control Logbook?

Q4. Who is responsible for maintaining sufficient checks at the front desk?
SOP Number: Finance and Accounting SOP – 06
Department: Operations and Controls
Date Issued: 22-Jun-2021
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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