SOP Finance and Accounting – Background Investigation Of Employees

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Background Investigation Of Hotel Employees

Purpose of Background Investigation Of Employee:

All employees are to have background checks performed before a final offer of employment. It is the responsibility of the property Human Resources Department to see that a complete and thorough investigation is made of all employees.

One of the crucial aspects of any organization is its finance and accounting department. It is responsible for managing the financial resources of the organization and ensuring that all financial transactions are recorded accurately.

To maintain the integrity of the finance and accounting department, it is essential to conduct background investigations of employees who are going to work in this department. The background investigation process involves checking the criminal history, credit history, educational qualifications, and employment history of the employee.

This process ensures that only trustworthy and qualified individuals are hired in the finance and accounting department. It helps to prevent fraud, embezzlement, and other financial crimes that can harm the organization.

Moreover, companies can also conduct periodic background checks of their finance and accounting employees to ensure that they maintain high ethical and professional standards. This practice also helps to create a culture of accountability and transparency in the organization.

In conclusion, conducting background investigations of employees in the finance and accounting departments is a critical step in safeguarding the financial interests of the organization. By ensuring that only trustworthy and qualified individuals are hired, companies can maintain their financial integrity and reputation in the industry.

When a promotion or transfer into a cash handling or high guest access position is made. additional background checks should be performed. High guest access positions are housekeepers, engineers, bell persons, storeroom clerks, and receiving clerks.

Background Investigation Of Employee’s SOP Procedures:


Reference check with at least three prior employers. if applicable. with determining reasons why they left each of their jobs. Verify dates of employment, pay, and rehire status. Obtain as much information from the direct supervisor or department head.

If the applicant is still employed, his or her present employer should not be contacted unless advance approval is obtained from the applicant. In the event of employment, materials directly related to the interview process should be retained as a permanent part of the employee’s record.


An outside reference/background verification company may be used for these searches. The employee must give written authorization to proceed with this investigation. The investigation should include:

  • Credit Check
  •  Arrest record check in each city or state for the past 5 years
  •  Verification of college degree, if applicable

If the reports surface inconsistencies or discrepancies, they should be verified. Once verified, appropriate action should be taken by the Director of Human Resources and the General Manager after consulting Corporate Human Resources.

Training Summary Questions:

Q1. Who is responsible for ensuring that a complete and thorough investigation is made of all employees?

Q2. At least how many employees need for a reference check?

Q3. What is the policy on retaining materials related to the interview process?

Q4 What should the investigation include?
SOP Number: Finance and Accounting SOP – 23
Department: Administration
Date Issued: 8-Aug-2021
Time to Train: 25 Minutes
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