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Sample Rules and Regulations for Swimming pool, Hotel Swimming pool rules for guest, Rules and regulations for using swimming pool facilities in the hotel. Sample rules and regulations for hotel operations

Sample Rules and Regulations For Swimming Pool Usage - Hotel | Resorts | Apartments

  • The Pool area is open daily 0800hrs to 2100 hrs.

  • Each Swimmer will enter the name and room number with time in and out register kept at the entrance.

  • Hotel staff or the swimming pool life guard is authorized to demand the guest key card or ask details about your room number for verification.

  • Except for the Hotel Guests, access to the Swimming Pool Area is only granted to people with a valid entry ticket.

  • Guests staying at hotel may use the swimming pool area free of charge.

  • Current admission fees and detailed information is provided by the Swimming Pool Reception Desk.

  • Proper swimming costume is a must for using the swimming pool facilities.

  • Do not apply any lotion/cream on the body before entering the pool.

  • Taking shower before entering the pool is mandatory, and it is also advisable to take bath with soap after leaving the pool.

  • Children below 14 years must be accompanied by an adult in swimwear.

  • Children swimming with inflated teaching aid need strict supervision by the parents.

  • Use of an infant life vest is encouraged and are available upon request as per availability.

  • In case if you have long hair please ensure that you put on a swimming cap before entering the pool.

  • Food and Beverages from outside the Hotel is not allowed in the Pool area.

  • No Glassware is permitted in the pool area. Tip: Read the pool service standard

  • In case you are a beginner at the pool, then you must wear a red cap.

  • Use the pool ladder to enter and exit the swimming pool to avoid any injury.

  • Diving is Strictly prohibited as it can lead to injury.

  • Pool is only for swimming, any other fun play in the pool should be avoided.

  • Any person suffering from a known serious medical condition (e.g. heart disease, severe circulation problems, epilepsy or respiratory problems) should not use the Swimming Pool.

  • Chewing tobacco, pan masala etc. inside the pool premises is strictly prohibited.

  • Person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted in the pool complex or in the surrounding area.

  • Spitting, spouting of water, blowing nose in the pool are prohibited.

  • Throwing litter in pool premises is strictly prohibited as it may choke pipe lines/drainage system of swimming pool.

  • Do not wear holy thread, golden chain, rings or other similar thing while swimming.

  • Kindly keep all valuables in the lockers provided, management cannot be held liable for loss of any valuables or other personal property left at the swimming pool premises.

  • Do not swim when you are hungry, exhaustive, overheated and for at least an hour after the meal.

  • Follow the instructions of the staff on duty at all time for your safety.

  • Food and drinks are not permitted on the pool decks.

  • Gum chewing is not permitted anywhere in the pool area for health and safety reasons.

  • Walk; do not run in and around the pool facility for your and other safety.

  • Avoid unnecessary conversation with the lifeguard as it may distract him from performing is duties.

  • Emergency procedures must be observed by swimmers and they must leave the pool area immediately upon signal or request from the lifeguard.

  • Hotel or Management is not responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property, injury, disability or fatality even death arising from whatsoever reasons while exercising or playing in the swimming area.

  • Guests swim at their own risk and the Hotel will not be responsible for any injuries while using the Hotel facilities.

  • These rules and regulations are subject to change any time without notice.

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