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Sample Laundry Service Terms and Condition

Sample 1

  • Kindly fill up the Laundry Slip and handover the same to our Laundry attendants or Housekeeping attendants. Management are not responsible for the laundry left with unauthorised person.

  • Unless itemised list is sent with Laundry, Hotels count must be accepted.

  • Before giving the garments please check if any personal belongings in the pockets left, we are not responsible and no claims will be entertained.

  • Laundry sent before 10 am will be returned the same day at no additional charge.

  • Laundry received between 10 a.m and 12p.m requested for the same day will be considered as express laundry and charged 50% extra. 

  • Laundry collected after 10:00 a.m will be delivered at the next day evening at regular charges.

  • While every care is taken, the Launderers is not responsible for fastness of colour, shrinkage, or any item not claimed within 24 hours of delivery to guest with the sheet.

  • In case of any discrepancy or undeclared defects, ie damage or discolouration of the garments the laundry will execute the order only after further clarification.

  • In the event of any discrepancy the laundry list must be returned to the laundry.  Hotel management is not responsible for laundry claimed after 30 days.

  • In case of loss, damage of the garment in laundry, the melange will be responsible for a sum not exceeding 10 times the cleaning charge of the garment.

  • Kindly do not pay cash while receiving the laundry, The charges will be posted to your room bill.

  • Guests are requested not to leave the laundry outside their room / apartment. Our Room Attendants will be happy to assist you.

  • Laundry is not responsible for colours running or fading, loss or damage of button and buckles.

  • All Hanger items will be hung in the closet.

  • Laundry hours 08:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Sample 2

Hotel Provide two types of Laundry Services

Normal Service:

  • Any Laundry received until 12 noon will be delivered same day by 06:00 pm

  • Any Laundry received after 12 noon will be delivered next at at 06:00 pm

Express Service:

  • Any Laundry received returned 4 hours at 100% surcharge

  • Not applicable for Dry cleaning services.

  • Please list your count of each article in the applicable column. Unless we have your count, the management count is valid.

  • The laundry cannot be held responsible for any shrinkage or colour change.

  • In case of loss or damage by the laundry, the management will not be liable for more than 5 time the cost of cleaning of the lost/damaged article.

Sample 3


  • Dry cleaning Services: 08:00 am to 07:00 pm

  • Pressing Service     : 24 Hrs

  • No Service on National Holidays

  • No Same Day Laundry after 11:00 am for Normal Service


  • Children's Garments: 75 % of Charges

  • Pressing only      : 50% of Charges 

  • 4Hrs. Express Service: 100% Extra

  • Taxes and Service Charge Extra

  • The hotel management shall not be responsible for items said to have been left with the garments.

  • The hotel management shall not be responsible for shrinkage, colour bleeding, or damage caused due to the inherent defect or worn out condition of the fabric.

  • In case of loss or damage by the Company, compensation shall not exceed eight times the cost of cleaning of articles.

Sample 4

  • Unless the quantity is specified, the hotel count of items will be deemed as correct.

  • Any Claims of damage or discrepancies must be made within 24 hours (include your copy of the laundry list)

  • We are not liable for lost or damaged items in pockets.

  • Although utmost care has been given to your garments, the hotel will not accept responsibility for damages.

  • Liability for lost and damaged items limited to an amount not exceeding 10 times the cost of cleaning the item.

  • All prices quoted are in (mention local currency) and subject to applicable taxes and Service charge.

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