Sample Fire Safety and Security Letter Placed in hotel rooms

Emergency Number:

  • For All required assistance, Please contact the hotel operator at extension '8'

Fire Safety Procedures:

  • Familiarise yourself with the hotel and your room

  • Carefully review the map on the back of your guest room door

  • Locate the two fire exits clearly marked on each floor

  • Locate the nearest fire extinguishers and fire alarms marked on the map.

Notification for Evacuation:

  • Treat every alarm you hear as a real emergency notification

  • Prepare yourself for evacuation and listen attentively to the audio announcement for a command to evacuate.


  • Take your Key

  • Before opening the door, test for heat or smoke.

  • If the hallway is clear, proceed to the emergency exit stairwall.

  • Do not use the elevators

  • After reaching the ground level, proceed to the emergency rallying point as indicated by the hotel staff.

IF your door feels warm or is impassable:

  • Seal the room. use wet cloth to stuff around the doors, sear up vents, and turn off the air conditioner.

  • Do NOT beak or open the window, as flames and smokes may enter from the outside.

  • If you need air, Open the window as a Crack.

  • Get down on the floor to avoid inhaling smoke.

  • Signal for help call the operator at extension '8' and inform them of your name and room number.

  • Hang something form the window to gain attention.


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