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Sample Agreement for Guest Rentable Items or Loan Items [ipad, Playstation, Xbox, DVD Player etc.]

Room number:                

Guest name :                 

Reservation No: _________

Rental Period:   /   /       to      /   /   

I agree to be responsible for any damage or loss in respect of the borrowed item(s) during the rental period. In the event of any damage or loss of the equipment, I acknowledge that I would need to compensate for the replacement of the equipment hired to the value of $               USD.


Terms and Conditions of the Use of the Rented Equipment:

  • Operate and use the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations;

  • Customer shall use the Equipment only during the term of this Agreement and only in the manner for which it was designed and intended;
  • Each piece of equipment shall be listed separately on the Rental Request Form;

  • The total number of pieces of equipment covered by this Equipment Loan Agreement is _____;

  • This Agreement and the responsibilities as outlined here are not transferable without the written approval of Lender;

  • The Borrower is responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement of any or all of the Equipment that is damaged, lost, confiscated, or stolen from the time Borrower assumes custody until it is returned to Lender;

  • Keep the Equipment properly protected from damage or loss;

  • If the Equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, Borrower agrees to promptly notify the Hotel management.

  • The Borrower shall be responsible for the proper use and deployment of the Equipment.

  • Not use or permit the Equipment to be used unlawfully or for any unlawful purpose;

  • Not make any change (by alteration, addition or otherwise) to the Equipment;

  • Not remove, alter or obscure any ownership notice on the Equipment;

  • Keep the Equipment in good condition and working order;

  • Equipment must remain in the hotel property at all times and may not leave the hotel premises;

  • This Agreement shall not be changed or modified, in whole or in part, except by a supplemental agreement in writing signed by both parties.


A deposit up to $                USD will be held by the hotel, either by cash or credit card authorization, upon the guest’s collection of the equipment from the hotel, which would only be refunded upon return of the equipment in one good working condition.

I understand that [Hotel Name] shall not be responsible for the loss of data or information due to software or computer problem.

Guest’s Signature



[Date and Place]


For Internal Hotel Use:

Request Handled-By:                                                                             Date: