Front Desk Services Audit Checklist For Guest Arrival Experience

  • Staff was present and visible at the main entrance, waiting to receive and welcome all guests.  

  • Guest was acknowledged with eye contact and smile within 10 feet.  

  • A polite greeting according to the time of day, offer of assistance, etc. was made within 5 feet.

  • If arriving by vehicle, staff approached the passenger side (if driven by chauffeur) of the vehicle, opened doors and greeted guest.  

  • Staff determined the name of the guest and communicated this to the front desk.

  • Guest name was used at least one time during the conversation.

  • Return guests were recognised and acknowledged.

  • All items were removed from the vehicle confirmed with guest and placed on a bell cart.

  • Assistance was offered with golf clubs, packages, directions, etc.

  • Staff inquired about the guest’s special requests (in case any).

  • Parking options (valet/self parking) were explained and instructions were provided.

  • Guests were directed towards a waiting bell person or towards the main entrance.

  • Staff did not congregate or engage in personal conversation with other staff, no horseplay.

  • Staff well groomed, uniformed and name tag present.

  • Staff did not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum.

  • Staff member was the last one to speak (kind comment, offer of assistance, etc.) and guest was thanked.

  • The speed of service was adapted to the guest requirement.


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