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How to make a placard / paging board for receiving guests from airport, station, bus terminal etc.

Placard / Paging Board / Airport Pickup Board Sample

A paging board or placard is always used by the hotel travel desk/concierge while picking up guests from Airport, Railway station, Bus terminals etc. This paging board has the name of the guest mentioned on it with his details.

The concierge department prepares the paging board or placard during the night shift for all guests who had requested a pickup the next day by printing the arrival list with pickup request report. 

Following details are printed:

  • Name of guest (First + Last Name)

  • Name of the company

  • Flight Number

  • Flight Time 

Tips while preparing the placard/paging board:

  • Do not use salutation if the same is not sure, as names can be misleading at times.

  • Double check the spelling, as no guest will like to see their name is wrongly spelt.

  • The A4 paper used for placard printing should be clean, not crumpled and also stain free.

  • Always use the font size between 70 to 85 depending upon the length of the guest name.

Download Sample Placard Format:

Placard / Paging board sample format 1

Placard / Paging board sample format 2 

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