Hotel Staff Duty Roster / Duty Chart Sample Format

A work shift  or duty Chart shows the typical workload for employees in hotels, There work shifts may vary with  hotel occupancy and peak business days. This also ensures that the staff has sufficient time to note their working schedule for the following week / month. 

Common work shifts in the hotel are:

  • Morning       0700hrs to 1500hrs

  • Evening       1500hrs to 2300hrs

  • Night           2300hrs to 0700hrs   

  • General        0900hrs to 1800hrs

  • Break Shift   0700hrs to 1200hrs and 1800hrs to 2300hrs

Duty Roster are usually prepared by the supervisors and then authorized by the HOD / Manager of the department.

Approved Duty rosters are then placed on the notice board on each department. Staffs are not allowed to make any changes on the duty rosters, if any changes required then the same has to be approved by the HOD / Manager.

Download Sample Duty Roster Formats:

Duty Roster / Chart Sample 1

Duty Roster / Chart Sample 2

Duty Roster / Chart Sample 3

Duty Roster / Chart Sample 4

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