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Mail and Courier format and handling in hotels

In-house and reserved guest rely upon hotel front office to rely on delivered mail and courier efficiently. Front office Manager usually defined standard operating procedures or policies for mail and courier handling. This polices can be also based or as per the statutory requirement of the local government authorities.

This means that the front office staff is supposed to time stamp all the guest mails when it arrives in the hotel . And also help if in future there is any query regarding when the mail has arrived and how quickly the same was delivered to the guest.

The details of all incoming mail and couriers are tracked on the ‘Mail and Courier Register’ in the Front Desk or by the Concierge. When mails and couriers arrive at the hotel the front desk check immediately to verify that the guest is currently booked (in-house), due to check in, or has already checked out.

Till few years back mails were kept on the same slot for keys behind the front desk, because of security issues keys and mails are now kept out of sight behind the front desk. This approach prevents other people from knowing which room is occupied because there is mail in the room slot.

The front desk should prominently notify the guest that mail or courier has been received. Some hotels notify the guest by turning on the message lamp on the telephone and also deliver a printed form to the guest room ‘Guest Message Format’.

Large packages which is too large to keep in the reception should be kept in a secure room normally on the ‘Left Luggage room’. The details of these packages and its location should be recorded in the mail and courier register.

Download Sample Courier Format:

Courier Register Format

Mail Courier Register | Hotels Mail register format

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