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DVD Disclaimer sticker format / sample for hotels. DVD Disclaimer policies and procedures followed by hotels, resort worldwide to fight against Piracy.

DVD Rental Disclaimer sample used in hotels

Nowadays in the hotel, it is common that for guest entertainment hotel give DVD and CD on the rental basis, By-Law in most of the countries it is prohibited to rent a DVD or CD to a guest on a chargeable basis, hence most of them give this service on complimentary.

Even though it is been given on complementary, hotels do put the following disclaimer sticker on the back side of the rented CD /DVD to avoid any legal action.


“The DVD is being lent to the guest on a complimentary basis for personal viewing in the room occupied by the guest only. Any form of the public exhibition is strictly prohibited. The contents may only be screened on a single television device within the hotel room at any given time and may not be copied. Such DVD or any copy thereof cannot be used for transmission on any cable or through any dish or other antenna or on or through any other similar transmission system.

The use of the DVDs is strictly for personal viewing and the guest is prohibited from taking it outside the hotel room. Any violation of the above terms and conditions shall be at the guest’s risk and responsibility under copyright and censorship laws. The contents remain the property of the copyright owner and all rights are reserved. Copying/duplication/distribution of the contents of the DVD is strictly prohibited”.

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