Reservation Status Codes used in hotel bookings

Reservation status codes are attached to the guest reservation to indicate the status of the booking made by the guest. Eg:- Booking confirmed by credit card, tentative bookings which has to be released by 6 PM, Travel Agent Voucher confirmed etc.

Confirmed: Once payment method and/or billing instructions are confirmed a reservation status can be selected as confirmed. A reservation should only be confirmed upon receipt of a credit card or deposit payment.

Tentative: If payment method and/or billing instructions have not been guaranteed then the reservation should be set to the status of Tentative.

Waitlist: If the hotel or room type is fully booked then the customer should be given the option to waitlist their reservation. 

Company Guarantee: If a reservation is made by a company and also billed to the same company then reservation status 'Company guarantee' may be used.

Travel Agent Guarantee: A travel agent booking with a valid IATA number and Travel agent voucher may be selected as code Travel Agent Guarantee'.

6 PM Release: A reservation is not guaranteed with payment or voucher and the hotel will hold it till 6PM in the evening.

Examples of Reservation Status Codes: 

No. Reservation Status
1 Confirmed
2 6 PM Release
3 Tentative / Provisional
4 Waitlist
5 Turn away
6 Cancelled
7 No Show
8 Group Confirmed
9 Group Waitlist
10 CC Guaranteed