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Banquet Function Covering Letter | Booking Agreement | Deposit Policy Template

Banquet Function Covering Letter | Booking Agreement | Deposit Policy Template

Banquet Booking Covering Letter

Dear Mr/ Mrs [Guest Name]

Sub: Group Dinner on Monday 28th February 2021

I would like to thank you very much for confirming the above event in [Hotel Name].

Please find enclosed the relevant agreement which includes the details of the arrangement.

I would appreciate if you could sign on each page inclusive of the last page and stamp it before sending it back to us for our records by the 23rd February 2021 at the latest.

I look forward to welcoming your guests to our [Hotel / Resort] and assure you of our utmost personalised service and attention at all times.

Yours sincerely,

Banquet Sales

[Hotel Address]

[Contact Details]

Banquet Booking Agreement Sample

This agreement is made on 22nd February 2021 between [Hotel Name and Address], and, [Host Name and Address] and the particulars of who are set out below:

[Mention Hotel Name] is pleased to confirm the Client’s reservation as stated below:

Name of Group: Mr Thomas

Type of function: Group Dinner

Date of function: 28th February 2021

Number of guests: 100 minimum guaranteed

Charges: USD 2500.00 per net (minimum guaranteed)

International Buffet $25 * 100 = $2500.00

The above package is per person and it includes the following:

  • Dinner International Basic buffet menu,

  • Welcome drink (non-alcoholic) served on arrival

  • Branding options – pop up’s, tabletops, etc.

  • Background Music for the duration of the cruise ETC.

  • All applicable taxes and service charges are included.

An original copy of this agreement should be signed and returned as confirmation of your acceptance of the terms & conditions in this document. Failure to do so will result in the above-mentioned arrangements becoming invalid and space reserved being released.

Contract to be returned by Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Banquet Seating requirements:

[Hotel Name] should receive details of the group’s requirements, containing the following information no later than 5 days prior to the event:

  • Name of host/ group leader/ president of the company.

  • Type of set up

  • Seating plan if applicable

  • Special dietary requirements (vegetarian etc.) if applicable

  • VIP requirements if applicable

  • Other special requirements (i.e. flowers, decoration)

Banquet Rate Terms and Conditions:

  • Rate includes 10% Govt. Taxes and 10% service charge and we reserve the right to amend the rates for any change.

  • Rates are non-commissionable.

  • The rates are quoted in USD per person.

  • The rates quoted are specifically for [Mention Host or Company name] and are confidential. They are applicable for this specific function only.

  • The guaranteed minimum number of persons must be indicated at the time of booking. In the event that the number of persons falls below the contracted number, for whatever reason, [Hotel Name] reserves the right to charge for the minimum number of guests as per the reservation.

  • All unsigned bills relevant to this contract will be deemed to be collectable by [Hotel Name] and shall be billed and settled by the client within 14 days.

  • All accounts are payable in USD (Mention your local currency here).

  • All accounts must be checked and signed as correct by the Authorized person from the Client.

  • The client shall forward the name of the responsible person to [Hotel Name] prior to the function.

Banquet Deposit and Payments Policy:

  • Deposit based on the total amount of USD 2500.00

  • Initial deposit 50% to be paid upon signing of the agreement.

  • Balance 50% to be paid on the day of the event by P D C along with any additional charges (ie beverages).

  • Note: Credit facilities do not apply for group reservations unless prior authorisation is given in writing by [Hotel Name]. Payment terms must be made according to the timetable given above to guarantee the booking. Space is subject to be released if there is any default in deposits.

  • All deposits to be credited to the account of [Hotel Account Name], as per the following details: Account No. 1234 456 7890, [Bank Branch and Address] Alternatively, a bankers draft in favour of the "[Hotel Account Name]" can be sent by courier to the office directly.

Banquet Cancellation Policy:

  • If a banquet function cancels prior to 30 days deposits paid will be refunded.

  • If a banquet. function cancels 29 days to 15 days before the function. 25 % of the total revenue cost will be incurred.

  • If a banquet function cancels 14 days to 7 days before the function, 50% of the total revenue cost will be incurred.

  • If a banquet function cancels less then 6 days before the function, 75% of the total revenue cost will be incurred.

  • In any case of group cancellation, the 10% deposit is non-refundable.

Banquet Event General Terms and Conditions:

1. [Hotel Name] shall not be responsible for any breach of these terms and conditions due to an act of God or other causes beyond its control.

2. No alteration to these terms and conditions shall be binding unless specifically confirmed by both parties in writing.

3. This agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Dubai and the federal laws of the United Arab Emirates as from time to time applicable in Dubai.

4. In accordance with the Hotel policy and in observing local laws and health regulations. no outside food & Beverage will be permitted inside the Hotel Premises for consumption at the banquet function being catered by the hotel.

5. For banquet function held outside the hotel a mutual agreement can be reached between the Client and the Hotel to allow Food & Beverage items to be provided by other suppliers. A written statement has to be signed by both parties.

6. Only [Mention Hotel Name] promotional materials may be used during the function by the Client.

7. It is the Hotel's policy that no banners or promotional materials are to be displayed at the Hotel's entrance or inside the Hotel lobby. However, banners may be displayed within the function room utilized by the Client with the Hotel Manager's approval, which must be obtained at least one week prior to the function.

8. The Client acknowledges that he has or will obtain the necessary permits/approvals required by the City Administration/Municipality. The' Hotel will not be liable for any consequences due to the Client's failure to do so.

9. The Client assumes responsibility for any damages caused by itself or any of its guests, whether inside or outside the banquet function rooms reserved, to any Hotel equipment used, or any other pan of the Hotels premises'.

10. The Client shall indemnify the Hotel (their servants, agents and contractors) from and against all liability, damages and claims, due to or incidental to, the conduct and security '01' the guests at the function" whilst within the Hotel and any property loss or damage of the Hotel or any function guest. The Client shall pay the Hotel (upon demand) the amount equivalent to the cost of any such Hotel property loss or damage.

Signed By 

Banquet Sales Manager 


Signed by 

Guest / Booker

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Authored and managed by Augustine, a hotelier with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has a 3-year diploma with 'honors' from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute and a Bachelor of Computer Application - BCA Degree.