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Audit checklist for Room Service / IRD cleanliness and condition.

  • Trolley tables and trays were without any dust and dust build up.

  • Trolley tables and trays were sturdy, not damaged and not soiled.

  • All Linens and napkins used were not soiled and neatly folded.

  • All Paper and plastic products were free of spots and not damaged.

  • China and glassware was free of spots and smudges.

  • All China, glassware and flatware were free of chips, cracks, scratches.

  • Condiment containers were free of debris, spots and were full.

  • All Service items like pots, buckets, plate covers, hot boxes etc. were not soiled and damaged.

  • Door knob menu was present, accurate and in good condition.

  • Mini Bar / Mini Fridge Unit was fully stocked and neatly organized upon arrival.  

  • Mini bar was free of stains and spills.

  • No water leakage or ice build up on the mini fridge freezer.

  • Products were fresh and sealed, not out of date.

  • Up to date Mini Bar Price list was present.

  • Clean glassware and supplies were restocked daily.

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Authored and managed by Augustine, a hotelier with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has a 3-year diploma with 'honors' from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute and a Bachelor of Computer Application - BCA Degree.