SOP – BAR / Lounge – Closing Routine Duties

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Closing Routine Duties in BAR

Closing Routine duties in hotel BAR:

  • Closing duties are different in different lounges. Your closing duty checklist lists your responsibilities for the end of your day activities.
  •  Clean all unnecessary used items in the bar counter i.e. (used glasses, ashtray, display, table mats, etc.)
  • Wipe crumbs from chairs and tables into beverage napkins and throw them away.
  •  Wipe tables and chairs with a clean damp cloth, followed by a dry cloth. Never use linen napkins for cleaning.
  •  Arrange tables and chairs neatly as guests leave. Pick up paper or debris whenever you see it.
  •  Follow standard dish-room procedures for scraping and tacking soiled dishes.
  •  Help the bartender put away items and wash glasses.
  •  Remove corks, foil scraps, labels, and other debris from baskets to avail plugging drains.
  •  Empty ice and water into the appropriate sink.
  •  Dry the ice buckets with a bar towel.
  •  Spray trays with hot water to remove food residue.
  •  Spray the trays with a sanitizing solution. Then stack them upside down at right angles to allow them to air-dry.
  •  Date and store food, such as condiments and garnishes, that has not been exposed to contamination.
  •  Throw away food that has been in the temperature danger zone too long.
  •  Throw all the cut garnish and spoiled fruits.
  •  Return empty wine and champagne bottles to the bar for inventory.
  •  Keep all the display bottles inside the store cabinet.
  •  Put all the used glasses and Store and Pour in the glass wash machine.
  •  Clean and wipe the corresponding area, bar counter, sink, glass rack, display rack, etc.
  •  Start your closing inventory and re-check all the stocks for requisition for the next day.
  •  Clean and wipe all the glasses Store and pour, place it in the dry area.
  •  Turn Off all the electronic equipment i.e. (Bar Display Lights/Blender/ Swirl Machine etc.)
  •  Lock and close the entire store cabinet, fridge, etc.
  •  Double-check all the areas.
  •  Turn Off the electricity.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What to be done with Ice and Ice-buckets?

Q2. How to store garnishes and condiments correctly?

Q3. Why it is important to spray hot water on trays?

Q4. Is it required to sanitize the trays?

Q5. Why it is important to lock and close the entire store cabinet, fridge, etc.?
SOP Number: Food and Beverage Service SOP - 05
Department: Food and Beverage Service – BAR
Date Issued: 03-March-2013
Time to Train: 45 Min
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