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Hotel Staff Training Room Setup Requirements

Hotel Staff Training Room Requirements

  • Training rooms should be clean, well ventilated, free from noisy distractions, and provide controlled room temperature.

  • Meeting facilities such as conference centres and lodging properties with significant meeting businesses consider these environmental factors as meeting spaces are planned.

  • Unfortunately, in many tourism and hospitality organizations, dedicated space for meetings of any type, including training, is not available.

  • Instead, trainers must use multipurpose space such as meeting rooms or staff dining areas and sometimes must creatively find space in the dining room or other public access areas.

  • Nearby lodging operations including full-service and limited-service hotels may have meeting space available at no or little cost, especially if food and beverage services for refreshment breaks and breakfasts or lunches are purchased.

  • Proper table and chair arrangements help facilitate training.

  • Front of room areas must allow space for all of the trainer’s materials and equipment.

  • This can include a table, lectern, markers, whiteboard, flip chart(s), laptop computer, and digital projector (if PowerPoint overheads will be used).

  • Other equipment needed can include an Audio or Video Conferencing, Microphones & Speakers, Camera, Control Panel, Internet Connectivity, Interactive Whiteboard, Screen (unless wall - or ceiling - mounted), Projector or overhead transparency projector, and other items necessary for demonstrations, handouts, or other needs.

  • Trainers also appreciate ice water or another beverage, so tabletop space for this purpose is also required.

  • The traditional classroom style favours interaction between the trainer and the individual trainees.

  • Trainees should ideally be able to relocate their chairs for small group activities.

  • The modified classroom style allows trainers to walk between trainee tables, and interactive trainee exercises are possible if chairs are relocated.

  • The boardroom style encourages all trainees to interact with their peers and with the trainer.

  • The large and small group discussion room styles allow, respectively, large or small groups of trainees to participate in interactive exercises.

  • An ideal training room setup such as in facilities with dedicated meeting space, a traditional classroom style can be used for lecture and large group discussion, and one or more breakout rooms will be available for small group discussions.