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SOP – Housekeeping – Key control procedures

SOP Number: HK - 10 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Housekeeping – General


Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Housekeeping staffs should have a good knowledge about the types of keys and locks used in the hotel

Issuing floor keys to room maids:

  • Issue the floor key to room maids only after getting the signature on the key register.

  • Room maids should never give the floor key to any guest or other hotel staffs.

Collect keys at the end of each shift:

  • When room attendants return the room key ask them to sign on the key control register.

  • Return the keys to the security department and get signature from the security staff who is taking over the keys.

Handle grand master keys and section master keys:

  • Only people authorized to check out grand master and section master keys should handle them.

  • If un authorized staff wants to handle these keys for any special cases, then a proper approval must be taken from either Asst. Housekeeping manager or Executive Housekeeper.

  • Do a follow up with the staff who was taken these keys if the same is not returned in stipulated time. If you find anything suspicious then report the same to the managers.

Control Emergency Key:

  • Emergency key should be stored in a key locker with a breakaway seal.

  • Only in case of emergency the seal shall be broken to take the key.

  • Open the sealed envelope and take the necessary key from it.

  • Give the emergency key to the appropriate personnel.

  • Whenever the emergency key is taken the same shall be mentioned on the housekeeping log and also on the key register with the detail explanation of the incident.

  • Return the key to the emergency locker.

Handle Lost keys:

  • In case any keys are lost then inform the HK executive / supervisors immediately.

  • Record the same on the lost key register.

  • Mention the a detail note on the lost key register with Date, Room attendant’s name, reason for the loss if any, remarks.

  • After receiving approval from executive housekeeper prepare a new set of the lost key (Electronic keys) for metal keys give new requisition to maintenance.

Take regular key inventory:

  • Perform floor key inventory every one to two weeks.

  • If any keys are missing and follow the steps under ‘Handle lost keys’.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why it is importance for the housekeeping staff to have a good knowledge about types of keys and locks?

Q2. What is the process for issuing floor keys for room maids / room boys?     

Q3. How to control emergency keys?

Q4. Who to be reported immediately in case of a lost key?

Q5. What should be a ideal frequency for key inventory?

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