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SOP – Housekeeping – Floor pantry maintaining and cleaning

SOP Number: HK - 09 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Housekeeping – General


Time to Train: 25 Minutes

  • Each housekeeping floor / sections will have a floor pantry to keep the par supply of linen, cleaning supplies, guest stationeries and amenities.

  • The floor pantry should always have the linen required for that floor in circulation.

  • Normally the floor pantry should be ideally located near the service elevator.

  • Should have locked shelves to store linen and supplies

  • The Room boy / attendant have to clean the pantry while beginning the shift and while ending the shift.

  • Pantry has to be neat and tidy always.

  • All the racks on the shelves have to set with linen.

  • The floor is swept thoroughly with Domex / Floor Cleaner / Bleach.

  • Dust all the racks and pipes on a daily basis.

  • Sweeping and mopping of pantry is done once in the morning after removing the trolleys, and once at the end of the shift.

  • The pantry has to be scrubbed with teepol solution once in a week.

  • The dustbin has to be emptied, washed and dried on a daily basis.

  • Water cooler area is scrubbed daily and kept dry and clean.

  • Washbasin is scrubbed and cleaned daily.

  • Floor supervisors should check the floor pantry for cleanliness on a daily basis.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the importance of housekeeping floor pantry?

Q2. What all items are stored in the floor pantry?     

Q3. Name the chemical agent used to mop the floor of pantry?

Q4. What is the frequency of scrubbing of floor pantry?

Q5. Who should monitor the cleanliness of the floor pantry?

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